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The list of selected publications by Dr. Sabanegh, E.S. is as follows:

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., and Thompson, I.M. (1991):
Fulguration of Urethral Condylomata - Modified Technique Using Visual Urethrotome.
Urol 37(2):172.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Grider, D., and Harris, M. (1993):
Cavernous Adrenal Hemangioma.
Urol 42:327.

Cancio, L., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., and Thompson, I.M. (1993):
Managing Foley Catheters.
Am Fam Phys 48(5):829.

Kearse, W., Jr., Joseph A.E., and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1994):
Transcatheter Embolization of Large Idiopathic Renal Arteriovenous Fistula.
J. Urol 151:967.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., and Thomas, A.J., Jr. (1994):
Modified Resectoscope Loop for Transurethral resection of the Ejaculatory Duct.
Urol 44(6):909.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., and Thomas, A.J., Jr. (1995):
Effectiveness of Crossover Transseptal Vasoepididymostomy in Treating Complex Obstructive Azoospermia.
Fertil Steril, 63(2):392.

Chen, R.N., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Inman, S.R., Ross, J.H., Stowe, N.T., and Novick, A.C. (1995):
Diagnostic Tunica Vaginoscopy in a Rodent Model of Testicular Torsion.
Urol 46(4):559.

Bishoff, J., Peretsman, S., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., and Lynch, S. (1996):
Dressing for Surgical Wounds of the Penis.
Urol 47(2):250.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Downey, J.R., and Sago, A.L. (1996):
Long-Segment Ureteral Replacement with Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Grafts.
Urol. 48(2):312.

Shekarriz, M., Schneider, C., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Kempter, F., and Waldherr, R. (1996):
Excessive Testosterone Production in a Patient with Nelson Syndrome and Bilateral Testicular Tumors.
Urologia Intern. 56(3):200.

Shekarriz, M., Thomas, A.J., Jr., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Kononov, A., Levin, H.S. (1997):
Fibrin Glue Assisted Vasoepididymostomy: A Comparison to Standard End-To-Side Microsurgical Vasoepididymostomy in the Rat Model.
J.Urol. 158:1602.

Svetec, D.A., Canby, E.D., Thompson, I., and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1997):
The Effect of Parenteral Testosterone Replacement on PSA and PSA Velocity in Hypogonadal Men with Erectile Dysfunction.
J.Urol. 158:1775.

Svetec, D.A., Waguespack, R., and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1998):
Intermittent Azoospermia associated with Sarcoidosis.
Fertil. Steril. 70(4):777.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1998):
Male Infertility and Cancer Treatments.
Oncol. 12:568.

Bishoff, J.T., Motley, G., Optenberg, S.A., Stein, C.R., Moon, K.A., Browning, S.M., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Foley, J.P., and Thompson, I.M. (1998):
Incidence of Fecal and Urinary Incontinence Following Radical Perineal and Retropubic Prostatectomy in a National Population.
J.Urol. 160:454.

Tieng, E., Simon, C and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1999):
Adult Pseudosarcoma of the Bladder.
Urol. 53(6):1228.

Hernandez, J., and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1999):
Repeat Vasectomy Reversal - Overall Results and Predictors for Success.
J. Urol.161:1153.

Hernandez, J., and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1999):
Repeat Vasectomy Reversal after Initial Failure.
Digital Urology Journal (Internet) Jan.

Prabakharan, S, Teichman, J.M., Spore, S., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Glickman, R. and McLean, R.J. (1999):
Proteus Mirabilis Viability after Lithotripsy of Struvite Calculi.
J. Urol. 162:1666.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (1999):
Advances in Fertility Technology.
Dialogues in Ped. Urol. 22:6.

Kolettis, P., and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2001):
Significant Medical Pathology Discovered During A Male Infertility Evaluation.
J. Urol. 166:178.

Hernandez, J., and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2001):
Patient Management after Vasovasostomy Failure.
Contemp. Urol. 13:47.

Piper, N., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., and Cespedes, D. (2002):
Recurrent UTI following Surgery to Relieve Incontinence.
Infect. Urol. 15:8.

Kolettis,P., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., D'Amico, A., Box, L., Sebesta, M., and Burns, J. (2002):
Outcomes for Vasectomy Reversal Performed after Obstructive Intervals of at least Ten Years.
Urol. 60:885.

Kolettis, P., Sabanegh,E.S., Jr., Nalesnik, J., D'Amico, A., Box, L., and Burns, J. (2003):
Pregnancy Outcomes after Vasectomy Reversal for Female Partners 35 years Old or Older.
J. Urol. 169: 2250.

Nalesnik, J. and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2003):
Vasovasostomy- Multiple Children and Long-Term Pregnancy Rates.
Current Surg. 60:348.

Nalesnik, J., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., Eng, T., and Buchholz, T. (2004):
Fertility in Men after Treatment for Stage 1 and 2A Seminoma.
Amer. Journal of Clinical Oncol. 27:584.

Agarwal, A., Deepinder, F., Cocuzza, M., Agarwal,R., Sabanegh, E. S. , Jr., Short, R, and Marmar, J. (accepted):
Effects of Varicocelectomy on Improvement in Semen Parameters: a New Meta-analytical Approach.
Fertil Steril.

Cocuzza,M., Sabanegh,E.S., Jr., and Agarwal, A. (submitted):
Varicocele: A Dilemma for the Urologist.
US Genito-urinary Disease 2006 Issue 2.

The list of selected Chapters in Books by Dr. Sabanegh, E.S. is as follows :

Thomas, A., Sabanegh, E.S., Jr., and Nagler, H. (1995):
Complex Reconstruction of the Vas Deferens and Epididymis.
In Atlas of Male Infertility.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2001):
Erectile Dysfunction.
In 20 Common Problems in Urology.

Iverson, A. and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2001):
Augmentation Cystoplasty.
In Emedicine.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2001, 2006):
Vasovasostomy and Vasoepididymostomy.
In Emedicine.

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2007):
Vasovasostomy and Vasoepididymostomy.
Textbook of Urologic Reconstructive Surgery.(In Press)

French, D. and Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2007):
Sperm Banking.
Pfenninger and Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care, 3/e.(In Press)

Sabanegh, E.S., Jr. (2007):
Microsurgical Reconstruction.
Infertility in the Male-4th edition.(In Press)

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