Section of Medical Physics

The Force Behind the Image

As part of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation's Division of Radiology, the Section of Medical Physics offers comprehensive on-site and off-site consultation services. These include programs in image quality assurance, radiation safety of new equipment, selection advice, education in the safe and effective uses of radiation and other related issues. Services include:

  • Assistance with federal, state and local requirements for testing, and total quality services, including voluntary accreditation in ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging and mandatory accreditation in mammography. Assistance is also offered in complying with all Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations guidelines, American College of Radiology and other voluntary guidelines.
  • Periodic review of radiology policy manuals, assistance in codifying procedures, and initiating and updating quality-assurance log books.
  • Direct telephone, FAX and e-mail communication to board-certified medical physicists and other radiology service support personnel.


Staff Contact

William J. Davros, Ph.D., ABMP(D)
Head, Section of Medical Physics
Office: 216/444-1153