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2016 Annual Report

Virtual Visits

Cleveland Clinic has taken the next logical step in healthcare: the virtual visit. You can see —and be seen by — a Cleveland Clinic healthcare provider at home, at work or on the beach. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Get a prescription or diagnosis. Sessions are 10 minutes. Express Care Online

Express Care Clinics

You walk through the door. Nothing could be easier. Cleveland Clinic now has 21 Express Care clinics throughout Northeast Ohio. Express Care clinics offer treatment for common acute health problems, and reassurance and referrals as needed. Backed by the full resources of Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland Clinic Express Care - Downtown

Cleveland Clinic Florida

The No. 1-ranked hospital in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale(U.S. News & World Report) is expanding to meet the growing demand for Cleveland Clinic services. Currently under construction is a 180,000-square-foot hospital tower with 75 additional beds, new operating rooms, critical care areas and 25 percent more Emergency Department space. A new Women’s Center, imaging capabilities parking and more are also planned. In Coral Springs, a new family health center and ambulatory surgery center will go up. Cleveland Clinic Florida

Social Media

Cleveland Clinic is at the leading edge of sharing medical knowledge through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. We have more than 2 million Facebook fans — currently more than any other hospital in the country. Our award-winning website is one of the most-visited hospital websites in America, and Health Essentials is the most popular hospital blog on the internet. Our growing site for physicians, Consult QD, is a comprehensive source for the latest medical innovations, thought leadership and more. Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

Quality Care
Shared Medical Appointments

Patients in many specialties have the option of getting follow-up care in a group visit setting. Not only do they have a chance for extended time with their physician, they are often able to consult with other specialists, including nurses, nurse practitioners or dietitians. You learn more in a relaxed, personalized atmosphere, and patient and caregiver satisfaction with group visits is high. Shared Medical Appointment

Avon Hospital

Cleveland Clinic’s first new hospital in Ohio outside the main campus, Avon Hospital is the perfect embodiment of 21st century healthcare. Replete with advanced technology, efficient services and patient amenities, it is designed from the ground up as an integrated part of Cleveland Clinic’s regional healthcare system. Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital

No. 1 First-Year ACO

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a group of doctors, hospitals and other providers who come together to give coordinated, high quality care to Medicare patients. Cleveland Clinic’s ACO achieved $24 million in shared savings from Medicare in the most recent year of available data — the best performance for any first-year ACO and the 6th best nationally among all Shared Savings Program participants — and a model for success in care affordability. Cleveland Clinic Physician and Patient

Research and Innovations
Lerner Research Institute

The ultimate goal for Cleveland Clinic research? Find cures faster. Team science is the future. Turning scientific discoveries into better patient care happens faster when scientists, clinicians, engineers, mathematicians and others work together. Here at Lerner Research Institute, we’ve already started. Together with big data, our physicians are learning how to treat each person uniquely — not like everybody else. That’s precision medicine. Lerner Research Lab

Robotic Cell Seeker

Cellular therapies are on the brink of revolutionizing treatment for cancer and other challenging diseases, but scientists need precise and accurate devices for sampling, transferring or deleting specific cells and colonies. Cleveland Clinic researchers led by George Muschler, MD, of the Lerner Research Institute, have helped develop a new robotic device that scans and identifies cells or clusters of cells of interest and locates them in 3-D space. It can position cells for selective biopsy, removal or transplant. It will advance patient care through better diagnostics and targeted therapeutics.

Ex Vivo Organ Preservation

Ten patients have received liver transplants to date as part of a “first-in-human” trial using ex vivo normothermic machine perfusion. These are the first instances in the world that livers have been preserved at physiologic temperature using a noncommercial device. John Etterling, of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, was instrumental in developing the device and making it small, light and portable — key features for its successful use in the field. The technology could reduce and potentially even eliminate mortality on the waiting list. Ex Vivo Liver Transplant

Better Prostate Cancer Test

Urologists in the Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute have developed a new test to detect prostate cancer. The test is called IsoPSA. Results from an ongoing multicenter clinical trial indicate that it can detect prostate cancer more precisely than current tests, by identifying molecular changes in the prostate specific antigen (PSA) protein. The study found that IsoPSA can also differentiate between high-risk and low-risk disease, as well as benign conditions. Eric Klein, MD, Chair of the Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute, is principal investigator of the trial. Blood Cells

“Teaching Those Who Serve”

The Education Institute operates one of the nation’s largest graduate medical education programs, with almost 2,000 residents and fellows in 2016 and achieving a board pass rate of 93 percent. The Education Institute provided more than 1,500 continuing medical education activities — in person, online and around the world. The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine received more than 1,796 applications, with applicant MCAT scores equivalent to those of Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins medical schools. Lerner College of Medicine Students

Health Education Campus

Interprofessional education is the goal of the Health Education Campus, now under construction on Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. When it opens in summer 2019, it will be the new home of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine, the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, the CWRU School of Dental Medicine, as well as allied health education. An associated community dental clinic is being built as part of the project. Cleveland Clinic Health Education Campus

Virtual Reality Anatomy

Anatomy classes on the new Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve Health Education Campus will be conducted using Microsoft HoloLens technology. The virtual reality program provides detailed, 3-D models of human anatomy based on real patients’ MRIs. Students will be able to isolate anything from individual organs to whole systems, and view the body from any angle. Case Western Reserve University was the first university to partner with Microsoft to test HoloLens’ potential. Microsoft Hololens

Global Executive Education

Healthcare executives from around the world are taking advantage of Cleveland Clinic’s Global Executive Education programs, which offer a behind-the-scenes look at how Cleveland Clinic operates as well as practical solutions to healthcare leadership and management challenges. Signature programs include the Executive Visitors’ Program, Samson Global Leadership Academy, International Emerging Leaders Fellowship and The Cleveland Clinic Way: Intensives. Samson Leadership Academy

Global Reach
International Patients

Cleveland Clinic receives patients from around the world, and coordinates their visits through its Global Patient Services. In 2016, Cleveland Clinic saw more than 4,500 international patients. Nearly half of these were from the Middle East, and from the Caribbean, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe in almost equal proportion.
Cleveland Clinic Welcome Wall

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

In 2016, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi saw more than 1,180 patients a day, from more than 60 countries. On any given day, there were more than 150 patients in the hospital. Some 250 staff physicians serve at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, supported by almost 3,000 caregivers.
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic London

Cleveland Clinic is expanding globally with a location at 33 Grosvenor Place, London, UK. The eight-story, 323,100-square-foot facility will have 205 beds and eight operating rooms. Scheduled to open in fall 2020, it will offer major medical specialties, CT, endoscopy suites, lab and pharmacy.
Cleveland Clinic London