Thank you for your interest in Cleveland Clinic EXPLORERS.

Through this interdisciplinary program, Cleveland Clinic medical professionals speak to elementary and middle school students about important health issues—either in person through traditional classroom workshops or online through virtual presentations—and the students then bring their newfound knowledge to life through creative interpretations.

Since 2008, more than 8,000 students from across Ohio have explored topics such as asthma, diabetes, oral hygiene, exercise, and nutrition, producing 1,500 paintings, poems, sculptures, and videos.

Each year an esteemed panel of art, language arts, media, and medical professionals evaluates every submission on four criteria: interpretation of the topic, presentation of ideas, creativity, and initiative. Exceptional entries are awarded one of four levels of recognition; in descending order they are: Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon, White Ribbon, and Honorable Mention. In addition, each year one piece overall is identified as Best in Show.

Cleveland Clinic EXPLORERS is much more than a mere art or writing competition, however. Tied to state and national academic standards, this innovative initiative helps students achieve optimal health while promoting critical thinking, innovation, communication, and teamwork. Plus, it gives participating teachers the opportunity to earn graduate-level college credits without even leaving their classrooms.

We thank you for your interest in this dynamic educational program, and we hope you share in our pride and amazement as you enjoy the EXPLORERS virtual exhibition.


Bryan Pflaum, MFA
Director of Creative Learning
Office of Civic Education Initiatives