Bioethics Information for Patients

For more information on having bioethics involved in patient care see the Ethics Consultation Policy. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation provides a number of medical ethics related publications. The following are links to pamphlets as well as some general hospital policies related to ethics.

Bioethics Pamphlets

When You Need To Have Surgery.

Advance Directives: Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Medical Decisions: What You Need to Know

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights and Responsibilities 2007


CCF Hospital Ethics Policies

CCHS Code of Ethical Business and Professional Behavior_revision May2005

CCF Implementation of the New Ohio "DNR Comfort Care" Rules and Regulations

Guidelines For The Ethics Committee

Policy on Brain Death

Policy on Do Not Resuscitate

Policy on Forgoing Life-Sustaining or Death-Prolonging Therapy

Policy on Patient Refusal of Life-Sustaining Treatment

Process for lack of Consensus on Goals of Treatment at the End of Life


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