The culture of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) has always supported the practice of critical thinking, initiative, responsibility, and creative problem solving. Since its establishment in 1921, the mission of CCF has been "to provide better care of the sick, further study of their problems, and more teaching of those who serve."

The Department of Nutrition Therapy has operated under this philosophy for many years, providing the highest quality nutrition intervention through the application of scientific principles, interpersonal communication skills and food service management strategies to treat the complex medical problems seen at CCF.

In order to provide optimal training for dietetic interns in specialized nutrition care, food service management, community dietetics, and sales and marketing techniques, an environment supporting growth, creativity and responsibility is fostered. Since the inception of the program in 1989, these values have been incorporated into the training of dietetic interns so that graduates are prepared to address issues that will face the nutrition profession throughout their careers.

    The internship's learning experiences provide a broad spectrum of opportunities, however also allow for sufficient depth to fully obtain the competencies delineated for nutrition therapy and community dietetics and foodservice systems management.  

In addition, sales and marketing experiences targeting business/entrepreneur emphasis competencies add another dimension to the interns' provision of nutrition services. With increasing competition in health care, interns who have the ability to identify and meet clients' needs, by applying sales and marketing strategies, will succeed as competent practitioners.

The mission of the CCF Dietetic Internship is to create leaders in the nutrition profession. Critical thinking, collaboration and decision-making are skills that the interns will practice and refine throughout the program. The intention is to create dietitians who share an enthusiasm and commitment to the profession.


Program Focus & Rotations