Financial Information  
  Income & Benefits
Stipend for full-time interns, ($400 x 10.5 months)
$4200 provided through a special fund supported by Novartis, Sodexho Corporation, and AVI Food Systems, Inc.
Lab coats
2 provided
Student loan deferments
Apply to USDE or other financial institutions (CCF is approved for some loan deferments)
Student loan
CCF Interns may apply for a $1000 loan available from the CCF Division of Education


  • Keys, 2 each ($5/ea deposit required; returned at conclusion of program)
  • Parking ($5 deposit required; returned at conclusion of program) Fee $30 per month invoiced to home address.
  • Identification Badge ($10 deposit required; returned at conclusion of program)
  • Residence--Variable; responsible for own arrangements. Local rental costs average $450 - $650 for a two bedroom apartment. Utilities can cost about $75, may be higher if paying heating costs.
  • Transportation--REQUIRED for the program due to varied schedules and travel to affiliations.
  • Travel expenses--Costs incurred for a one day Legislative Workshop conducted in Columbus, Ohio. Costs may include money for gas to travel to Columbus and, if you choose, for one night's lodging.
  • Health insurance--Variable; REQUIRED; responsible for own arrangements
  • Liability insurance--$35.00
  • Mantaux IPPD tuberculin test--Free (if given at County TB Clinic)
  • Board--No meals are furnished
  • Acceptance Fee--$200.00, nonrefundable
  • ADA student membership--$ 43.00
  • CDA membership--$10.00

Post Internship Expenses

Active ADA membership dues
(1st time membership)--$200.00
Registration Examination Fee--$125.00
Time Away