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The Cleveland Clinic was mentioned 635 times in media reports in January .

The Clinic was mentioned in 303 national broadcast (TV & Radio) reports and in 41 local broadcast reports.

The Clinic was mentioned in national print pieces 179 times and in Cleveland print publications 61 times.

The Clinic was mentioned 51 times in online publications.


Making leading edge healthcare accessible
CNN News - video clip

Dr. Toby Cosgrove talks about making the world's best medicine available to all U.S. citizens. View the clip ...


Stroke treatment improves, but more needed
Jan. 19-20. NBC Nightly News.

Drs. Anthony Furlan, Thomas Masaryk and Peter Rasmussen comment on diagnosing strokes and treatment options. More...

Learn about the role of research in preventing strokes -click here.

Chronic pain frustrates patients, doctors — Too often, medicine can’t pinpoint the cause
Jan. 6. MSNBC

BOSTON - Tim Connick's problems started when he fell off a ladder and shattered his ankle. Years later, X-rays showed the injury should be healed, but severe, constant pain persisted so much that he contemplated suicide. More...



Love’s Drastic Choice
Jan. 8, 2006. The Plain Dealer

Dr. Ajay Gupta's first impression of Heidi Bucheli is seared in his memory. The little girl with long, dark hair made no eye contact. Her face and right arm twitched constantly. More...


Next Frontier in Heart Disease: Undoing It
Jan. 9, 2006. USA Today

PHILADELPHIA When his brother died of a heart attack in 2004, Michael Shawn Malloy worried he might be next. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather also died of heart-related illnesses. More...


Be Informed
Jan. 21, 2006. Newsweek

Anti-aging guru and best-selling author Dr. Michael Roizen’s latest book explains how to be a smart patient. More...


Medical masterpiece
Cleveland Clinic creates program to push for boost in the hospital’s art collection

Sit in the bustling main lobby at the Cleveland Clinic's main campus and you'll notice that passers-by stop to look at the bright and colorful artwork lining the corridor's otherwise beige walls. More..


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