Walk for Good Introduction

Walk you way to better health

Walk for Good Week 1 - Making a Plan

It doesn't matter where or when you walk

Walk for Good Week 2 - Warming Up and Stretching

Help prevent injuries and increase your performance by stretching before you walk

Walk for Good Week 3-Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Nissen explains how walking reduces your cardiovascular risks

Walk for Good Week 4-Coping with the Climate

Weather doesn't have to prevent you from walking

Walk for Good Week 5-Strategies for Success

Don't let a few setbacks keep you from your goals

Walk for Good Week 6- Tips for Dining Out

Yes! You can eat healthy when eating out

Walk for Good Week 7-Walking to Reduce Stress

Stress does bad things to your body

Walk for Good Week 8-Exercise and Your Family

Make walking part of your family time

Walk for Good Week 9-Still a new Behavior

It takes time to incorporate a walking program into your busy schedule

Walk for Good Week 10-Joint Health

Protect your legs and joints when you walk

Walk for Good Week 11-Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes with exercise

Walk for Good Week 12-Calories In vs. Calories Out

Avoid situations where eating is automatic

Walk for Good Week 13-Reward yourself

Healthy rewards along the way will encourage you and keep your motivation high

Walk for Good Week 14- Adding it all Together

Little everyday things all add up

Walk for Good Week 15-What's Next

Don't stop now-Be healthy the rest of your life

Pedal for Parkinson's

Parkinson's Disease -- Cleveland Clinic's Neurological Institute treats patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and helps identify methods of treatment

Blood Test for HDL Cholesterol

HDL cholesterol -- Our care team at Cleveland Clinic helps patients understand their HDL cholesterol number from blood test and provides information whether the HDL is an asset or potential problem

Life Saving Heart Technology

Cardiac CT Scan -- The Heart and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic uses non-invasive cardiac CT angiography to detect a possible heart attack or blocked coronary artery plus examine the heart's pumping function

New Lung Cancer Detection

See how an endobronchial ultrasound is used during a lung biopsy by the Cleveland Clinic to detect lung cancer and boost accuracy. An endobronchial ultrasound lowers the risk of lung biopsy complications such as a collapsed lung

Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery in Elderly

Heart Surgery -- Cleveland Clinic Hearth & Vascular Institute has the heart surgeons who can handle the complex operations for angioplasty and bypass surgery for elderly patients that would normally not receive care

Running Rehab

Learn how the jogging rehab program at Cleveland Clinic helps runners recover from injury by using video to improve running mechanics, flexibility and core strength

Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Surgery -- Cleveland Clinic Bariatric surgeon Dr. Schauer performs diabetes surgery on patients suffering from obesity and diabetes to ensure a healthier and longer life

Fluorescent Heart

Heart bypass graft surgery -- The Heart and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic uses fluorescent dye injection as a way to detect an irregularity after heart bypass graft surgery and reduce complications

Acupunture Beats Aspirin for Chronic Headaches

Heart bypass graft surgery -- The Heart and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic uses fluorescent dye injection as a way to detect an irregularity after heart bypass graft surgery and reduce complications

Gambling on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl enables gambling habit.

MRSA on the Rise in Kids Head and Neck Region

Its called the super bug. But theres nothing super about being infected with the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacterium or MRSA. (mersa) It can cause serious skin and soft tissue infections. Its also been linked to pneumonia, even death.

New Study Links Obesity to Ovarian Cancer

Among women who had never taken hormones after menopause, obesity was associated with an almost 80 percent higher risk of ovarian cancer.

New way to better predict kidney transplant outcomes

There may be a better way to find an organ donor match. Cleveland Clinic researchers say they can use a mathematical formula to help predict successful kidney transplant outcomes from living donors.

Oral steroid does not help wheezing kids

Its a common—sometimes serious-- breathing problem in very young children who are battling an upper respiratory tract infection: wheezing. Now a new European study shows giving an oral steroid to help them breathe better may not help at all.

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Eat Healthy even on SuperBowl Day

Link Between Female Contraceptives and Cardiovascular Disease

A new report says women who use hormone therapies, like the pill or the patch, may increase their risk for heart attack or stroke...especially women who smoke and are over age 35.

First Face Transplant

Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed the country’s first near-total face transplant

Cold and Flu Confusion

Health experts say it's imperative to know the difference between a cold and the flu, especially for the elderly.

Elderly New Year Checkup List

Geriatric health experts say now is the time for the elderly to assess their health.

Too Much Sugar for Kids

Pediatric health experts say too much sugar in a kid's diet can lead to health problems.

Kids Take Vitamins Who May Not Need Them

A new study shows kids who routinely take vitamins already have enough vitamin intake.

Recess Leads to Better Class Behavior

A new study shows recess helps kids behave better in class.