Cleveland Clinic
Specialty Services Symposium: Medical, Surgical and Quality
June 3, 2008 InterContinental Hotel & Bank of America Conference Center | Cleveland, Ohio

Sharing World-class Developments With You...

This past August, Cleveland Clinic opened our doors to two dozen photographers, videographers and editors from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  The reporters witnessed one full day in the lives of the patients, doctors and nurses at the Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute.  I read the series for the first time when it was published in November, and I am once again impressed at the dedication of our physicians, nurses and all of the professionals who make Cleveland Clinic the destination for patients in need of heart care.

This issue of Speaking of Specialty Services also highlights our Society of Thoracic Surgerons' three-star rating (the highest), and explains how volume and complexity make our cardiac surgery program stand out.

I hope you enjoy the winter edition of Speaking of Specialty Services. As always, we appreciate your feedback and recommendations.

Michael McMillan
Executive Director,
Market and Network Services,
Cleveland Clinic

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