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Summer Mentorship
Summer Mentorship Program


The American Center for Reproductive Medicine at Cleveland Clinic offers a unique, highly integrated research internship to pre-med and medical students. This program endeavors to expose students to the fundamentals of clinical research as well as provide training in scientific writing.

The program's goal

is to encourage students to consider a career in medicine, whether in the reproductive sciences or another specialty of their choosing. To this end, we have designed the summer mentorship to offer students a wide range of high quality experiences. During this seven-week program, participants will work alongside reproductive scientists and clinicians on interesting bench research projects in a real laboratory setting; interact with reproductive biologists, gynecologists, andrologists and urologists and participate in the writing of research articles, systematic reviews and/or invited book chapters in the field of reproductive endocrinology, assisted reproduction and/or male and female infertility.

Students will develop

an understanding of how reproductive research is conducted. They will also learn how to present research results in departmental meetings, prepare and present PowerPoint talks at research conferences, perform literature search, analyze information , and hone their public speaking skills.

Our faculty consists

of leading scientists, physicians and surgeons in reproductive sciences from around the world who work together to provide students with intensive exposure to the translational application of research. In the past 8 years, 170 students from universities and colleges all over the United States have participated in Summer Internships with the Center. We have welcomed students from ivy league colleges and well known universities from over 25 different US states and more than 20 countries.

Application for the 2017 Summer Internship

is available now on our website. Application deadline is March 3, 2017. Summer Mentorship dates are June 12 to July 28, 2017.

For an up to date list of our publications, kindly visit A Web of Science Citation Report of Research Publications by the American Center for Reproductive Medicine from 1993 to 2013 is available here.

Online Application for 2017 Summer Mentorship Program

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