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The list of selected publications by Dr. Jeffrey M. Goldberg is as follows :

Goldberg J, Toledo A, and Mitchell D:
An evaluation of the Gore-Tex surgical membrane for the prevention of postoperative peritoneal adhesions.
Obstet Gynecol 1987, 70:846.

Goldberg J, Majmudar B, Toledo A, and Mitchell D:
Unilateral tubal twin pregnancy: A review of the literature and report of two cases.
J Reprod Med 1988, 33:723.

Goldberg J and Friedman C:
Microsurgical fallopian tube transposition with subsequent term pregnancy.
Fertil Steril 1988, 50:660.

Goldberg J, Haering P, Friedman C, Dodds W, and Kim M:
Antisperm antibodies in women receiving intrauterine insemination.
Am J Obstet Gynecol 1990, 163:65.

Goldberg J, Miller F, Friedman C, Dodds W, and Kim M:
Effect of baseline ovarian cysts on IVF and GIFT cycles.
Fertil Steril 1991, 55:319.

Goldberg J, Khalifa E, Friedman C, and Kim M:
Improvement in mouse in vitro fertilization and early embryo development by co-culture with human fallopian tube epithelium.
Am J Obstet Gynecol 1991, 165:1802.

Goldberg J:
Intrauterine pregnancy following endometrial ablation.
Obstet Gynecol 1994, 83:836.

Goldberg J:
Complications of laparoscopic salpingo-oophorectomy.
J Gynecol Surg 1995, 11:51.

Goldberg J and Friedman C:
Effect of hormonal manipulation on the fallopian tube epithelium in vitro.
J Assist Reprod Genetics 1995, 12:132.

Miller K and Goldberg J:
In vitro development and implantation rates of cryopreserved zygotes is similar to non-cryopreserved sibling zygotes.
Obstet Gynecol 1995, 85:999.

Miller K, Falcone T, and Goldberg J:
Variation in recovery of motive sperm after preparation by a simple Percoll gradient technique.
J Assist Reprod Genetics 1996, 13:485.

Falcone T, Goldberg J, and Miller K:
Endometriosis: Medical and surgical treatment.
Curr Opinion Obstet Gynecol 1996, 8:178.

Goldberg J and Falcone T:
Double cervix and vagina with a normal uterus: an unusual mullerian anomaly.
Hum Reprod 1996, 11:1350.

Falcone T, Gidwani G, Paraiso M, Bevery C, and Goldberg J:
Anatomical variation in the rudimentary horns of a unicornuate uterus: implications for laparoscopic surgery.
Hum Reprod 1997, 12:263-265.

Goldberg J, Falcone T, and Attaran M:
Sonohysteroscopic evaluation of uterine defects noted on hysterosalpingography.
Hum Reprod 1997, 12:2115-2117.

Goldberg J and Maurer W:
A prospective randomized trial of gasless laparoscopy versus CO2 pneumoperitoneum.
Obstet Gynecol 1997, 90:416-420.

Goldberg J:
Menopause used to be considered normal.
Trends Endocrinol Metab 1998, 9:207.

Goldberg J, Falcone T, and Attaran M:
Contrast-enhanced sonography.
(Letter) Hum Reprod 1998, 3282.

Goldberg J:
Reproductive medicine in the managed care era.
Trends Endocr Metab 1999, 10:316.

Goldberg J and Falcone T:
Effect of DES on reproductive function.
Fertil Steril 1999, 72:1-7.

Goldberg J, Mascha E, Falcone T, and Attaran M:
Comparison of intrauterine and intracervical insemination with frozen donor sperm: a meta-analysis.
Fertil Steril 1999, 72:792-5.

Goldberg J and Widrich T:
Successful management of a viable cervical pregnancy with single dose methotrexate.
J Women's Health Gend Based Med 2000, 9:43-45.

Falcone T, Goldberg J, Margossian H, and Stevens L:
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic microsurgical tubal anastomosis: a human pilot study.
Fertil Steril 2000, 73:1040-1042.

Pollard R and Goldberg J:
Prolapse of a large cervical myoma following uterine artery embolization.
J Reprod Med 2001, (In press).

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