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ART training accredited by the  
American College of Embryology
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Application Procedure

Candidates interested in applying for the ART training should complete an online application.
Please click here for the application form


Fee Schedule

FEE SCHEDULE (Effective October 1, 2007)
Module Training In Duration Course Fee (US)
1 Semenology 1 week $5,295.00
1A Routine Semen Analysis 1 day $950.00
1B Sperm Morphology 2 days $1,395.00
2 Advanced Andrology Techniques 4 days $4,750.00
3 ART Sperm Preparation 2 days $2,250.00
4 Cryopreservation Techniques 1 day $1,950.00
5A IVF / ICSI / Micromanipulation 2 weeks $7,950.00
5B ICSI / Micromanipulation 1 week $6,200.00
5C Advanced ART Techniques 1 week $6,850.00
5D Customized ART Training Selected by the Candidate To be determined
6 Vitrification 1 Day $2,500.00
7 Management of IVF and Andrology Labs 2 Days $2,800.00
8 Preparing for CAP and AATB Accreditation 2 Days $2,800.00


Payment and Accommodation

Educational teaching methods:

  • Live lectures and multimedia presentations
  • Training sessions using animal models (hamster oocytes/mouse embryos)
  • Training provided by trained embryologist, andrologist, reproductive biologists and other experts in ART
  • Dedicated micromanipulators available for training

Training offered in dedicated ART training suite inside a non-clinical research laboratory. There is no patient contact.

Other Important Information:

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