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Fertility Preservation

1.    PDF File (agradoc293.pdf 333 Kb)
Varghese, AC, du Plessis, SS, Falcone, T, Agarwal, A. (2008):
Cryopreservation/ transplantation of ovarian tissue and in vitro maturation of follicles and oocytes: challenges for fertility preservation. Review Article.
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 6: 47-56.

2.    PDF File (agradoc297.pdf 316 Kb)
Georgescu, E, Goldberg, J, du Plessis, SS, Agarwal, A (2008):
Present and future fertility preservation strategies for female cancer patients. CME Review Article.
Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey 63: 725-732.

3.    PDF File (agradoc323.pdf 94 Kb)
Botha, M, Kruger, TF, Agarwal, A, du Plessis S (2009):
Fertility sparing surgery for female cancer patients complimenting cryotechniques. Review Article.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S174-S183

4.    PDF File (agradoc370.pdf 118 Kb)   new
Coyne, K, Kader, A, Falcone, T, and Agarwal, A (2010):
Creating a standard of care for fertility preservation.
In: Current concepts in assisted reproduction and fertility preservation, Current Women's Health Reviews, (Editors: Sajal Gupta and Ashok Agarwal) Vol 6(3): 261-266.

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