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1.    PDF File (endoinf01.pdf  17 Kb)
Pagidas K., Falcone T., Hemmings R., Miron R. (1996):
Comparison of surgical treatment of moderate (Stage III) and severe (Stage IV) endometriosis- related infertility with IVF-ET.
Fertil Steril, 65:791-795

Falcone T., Hemmings R. (1996):
Peritoneal Factors that affect fertility on patients with minimal or mild endometriosis. Review Article
Journal Society of Obstetrician & Gynecologist Canada, 18:121-130

Falcone T., Goldberg J., Miller K. (1996):
Endometriosis- medical and surgical intervention. Review Article
Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol, 8:178-183.

4.    PDF File (agradoc044.pdf 449 Kb)
Wang Y, Sharma RK, Falcone T, Goldberg J, and Agarwal A (1997):
Importance of reactive oxygen species in the peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis or idiopathic infertility.
Fertil Steril, 68:826-830.

Jerby BL, Kessler H, Falcone T, Milsom J (1999):
Laparoscopic management of colorectal endometriosis.
Surg Endosc, 13:1125-1128

6.    PDF File (agradoc60.pdf  39 Kb)
Sharma RK, Wang Y, Falcone T, Goldberg J, Agarwal A. (1999):
Effect of peritoneal fluid from endometriosis patients on sperm motion characteristics and acrosome reaction.
Int J Fertil Womens Med, 44:31-37

7.    PDF File (agradoc105.pdf  86 Kb)
Bedaiwy MA, Falcone T, Sharma RK, Goldberg JM, Attaran M, Nelson DR, Agarwal A (2002) :
Prediction of endometriosis with serum and peritoneal fluid markers: A prospective controlled trial.
Hum Reprod, 17:426-431

8.    PDF File (endoinf07.pdf  119 Kb)
Attaran M., Falcone T., Goldberg J. (2002):
Endometriosis: still tough to diagnose and treat. Review Article
Cleve Clin J Med, 69:647-653.

9.    PDF File (endoinf08.pdf  66 Kb)
Duepree HJ, Senagore AJ,Delaney CP, Marcello PW, Brady KM, Falcone T. (2002):
Laparoscopic resection of deep pelvic endometriosis with rectosigmoid involvement.
J Am Coll Surg, 195:754-758

10.    PDF File (endoinf09.pdf  43 Kb)
Falcone, T and Mascha, E (2003):
The elusive diagnostic test for endometriosis.
Fertil Steril, 80:886-888

11.    PDF File (faltdoc049.pdf  85 Kb)
Bedaiwy MA, Falcone T. (2003):
Peritoneal fluid environment in endometriosis: clinicopathological implications. Review Article
Minerva Ginecol, 55:333-345.

12.    PDF File (faltdoc063.pdf  201 Kb)
Bedaiwy MA, Falcone T. (2004):
Laboratory testing for endometriosis. Review Article
Clin Chimi Acta, 340:41-56

13.    PDF File (faltdoc076.pdf  355 Kb)
Dharia, SP and Falcone, T (2005):
Robotics in reproductive medicine. Review Article.
Fertil Steril 84:1-11.

14.    PDF File (agradoc203.pdf  46 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Falcone, T, Goldberg, JM, Sharma, RK, Nelson, DR, and Agarwal, A (2006):
Peritoneal fluid leptin is associated with chronic pelvic pain but not infertility in endometriosis patients.
Hum Reprod 21:788-91.

15.    PDF File (agradoc224.pdf  1086 Kb)
Gupta, S, Agarwal, A, Agarwal, R, Loret de Mola, JR (2006):
Impact of ovarian endometrioma on assisted reproduction outcomes. Review Article.
RBM Online 13:349-360.

16.    PDF File (agradoc231.pdf  150 Kb)
Gupta, S, Agarwal, A, Sekhon, L, Krajcir, N, Cocuzza, M, Falcone, T (2006):
Serum and peritoneal abnormalities in endometriosis: potential use as diagnostic markers. Review Article.
Minerv Ginecol 58:527-51.

17.    PDF File (agradoc276.pdf  1171 Kb)   new
Mansour G, Abdelrazik H, Sharma RK, Radwan E, Falcone T, Agarwal A (2009):
L-carnitine supplementation reduces oocyte cytoskeleton damage and embryo apoptosis induced by incubation in peritoneal fluid from patients with endometriosis.
Fertil Steril 91: 2079-86. [E-pub]

18.    PDF File (agradoc279.pdf  472 Kb)   new
Gupta, S, Goldberg, J, Aziz, N, Goldberg, E, Krajcir, N, Agarwal, A (2008):
Pathogenic mechanisms in endometriosis - associated infertility. Review article.
Modern Trends, Fertil Steril 90:247-257.

19.    PDF File (agradoc321.pdf  100 Kb)   new
Gupta, S, Chandra, A, Choi, A, Surti, N, Agarwal, A (2009):
Newer treatment modalities in endometriosis: systematic review.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S184-S195.

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