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1.    PDF File (otcdoc01.pdf 135 Kb)
Jeremias, E, Bedaiwy, MA, Gurunluoglu, R, Biscotti, CV, Siemionow, M, and Falcone, T (2002):
Heterotopic autotransplantation of the ovary with microvascular anastomosis: a novel surgical technique.
Fertil Steril 77:1278-1282.

2.    PDF File (otcdoc02.pdf 415 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Jeremias, E, Gurunluoglu, R, Hussein, MR, Siemianow, M, Biscotti, C, and Falcone, T (2003):
Restoration of ovarian function after autotransplantation of intact frozen-thawed sheep ovaries with microvascular anastomosis.
Fertil Steril 79:594-602.

3.    PDF File (otcdoc03.pdf 57 Kb)
Jeremias, E, Bedaiwy, MA, Nelson, D, Biscotti, CV, and Falcone, T (2003):
Assessment of tissue injury in cryopreserved ovarian tissue.
Fertil Steril 79:651-653.

4.    PDF File (agradoc125.pdf 176 Kb)
Esfandiari, N, Falcone, T, Bedaiwy, MA, Agarwal, A, Jeremias, E, and Sharma, RK (2003):
Autologous transplantation of cryopreserved ovary induces the generation of antiovary antibodies in sheep.
Fertil Steril 80:1062-1064.

5.    PDF File (faltdoc062.pdf 186 Kb)
Falcone T, Attaran M, Bedaiwy MA, Goldberg JM. (2004):
Ovarian function preservation in the cancer patient. Review Article
Fertil Steril, 81:243-257.

6.    PDF File (faltdoc065.pdf 44 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA and Falcone, T (2004):
Ovarian tissue banking for cancer patients. Reduction of post-transplantation ischaemic injury: intact ovary freezing and transplantation
Hum Reprod 19:1242-44.

7.    PDF File (otcdoc07.pdf 103 Kb)
Falcone, T, Bedaiwy, MA.(2005):
Fertility preservation and pregnancy outcome after malignancy. Review Article.
Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol. 2005 Feb;17(1):21-6.

Hussein, MR, Bedaiwy, MA, Falcone, T (2006):
Analysis of apoptotic cell death, Bcl-2, and p53 protein expression in freshly fixed and cryopreserved ovarian tissue after exposure to warm ischemia.
Fertil Steril 85 Supp1:1082-1092.

9.    PDF File (otcdoc09.pdf 2610 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Hussein, MR, Biscotti, C, Falcone, T.(2006):
Cryopreservation of intact human ovary with its vascular pedicle.
Hum Reprod. 2006 Dec;21(12):3258-69.

10.    PDF File (otcdoc010.pdf 287 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Falcone, T.(2006):
Fertility preservation in cancer patients.
Women's health. 2006 2(3).

11.    PDF File (otcdoc011.pdf 3172 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Falcone, T.(2007):
Harvesting and autotransplantation of vascularized ovarian grafts: approaches and techniques.
Reprod Biomed Online. 2007 Mar;14(3):360-71.

12.    PDF File (agradoc293.pdf 333 Kb)
Varghese, AC, du Plessis, SS, Falcone, T, Agarwal, A. (2008):
Cryopreservation/ transplantation of ovarian tissue and in vitro maturation of follicles and oocytes: challenges for fertility preservation. Review Article.
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 6: 47-56.

13.    PDF File (agradoc297.pdf 316 Kb)
Georgescu, E, Goldberg, J, du Plessis, SS, Agarwal, A (2008):
Present and future fertility preservation strategies for female cancer patients. CME Review Article.
Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey 63: 725-732.

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