Cleveland Clinic's American Center for Reproductive Medicine proudly offers a unique, highly-integrated research training and mentorship program with a focus on translational medicine. This annual program is targeted towards the pre-med and medical students and is led by a team of scientists and physicians who are well known experts in the exciting field of human reproductive medicine. This highly successful mentorship program is rated number one nationwide and is well sought after internationally. Over the past 11 years, we have trained 189 local and international students from top universities and medical schools. Our alumni include students from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, John's Hopkins, Princeton and University of Pennsylvania. More information on our past students and the Summer Programs are available here

The goal of this intensive and highly competitive scientific training program is to encourage students to consider a career in medicine, be it in health sciences or any other specialty of their choosing. By participating in our unique mentorship program, students gain exposure to the fundamentals of conducting clinical laboratory testing and receive personalized training in scientific writing. The core strength of our mentorship lies in the ability of our faculty to provide individualized training and guidance with real-time feedback at every step, regardless of the student's educational background or prior clinical experiences. This individualized approach supports the learning needs and enables progressive development of each student throughout the program. Evaluation and feedback from our past students is available here

The mentorship is designed to offer students a wide range of high quality experiences in one of the top academic hospital (Cleveland Clinic affiliated with the Case Western Reserve University) in the United States. During this intense four-week program, participants are lectured by top notch scientists and clinicians on innovative diagnostic testing in a state of the art laboratory setting; interact with various medical specialists; and the potential to participate in the writing of systematic reviews and/or invited book chapters in the exciting medical field. While in our mentorship program, students are constantly challenged to develop multiple core skills in an intellectual, scientific, medical and professional capacity, including soft skills, which are essential for a student and young professional. This training program has been recognized twice with a prestigious Scholarship in Teaching Award in 2011, 2013, and 2015 for its valuable contributions towards medical education and scholarly activities

In summary, the Summer Mentorship program at the American Center for Reproductive Medicine offers students interested in gaining clinical experience in medical science with a special focus in reproductive medicine with an opportunity of working closely with world-renowned team of scientists and researchers. Members of our staff publish regularly in the most respected journals in the field, are frequent invited guest speakers at important scientific meetings around the world and are active leaders in professional societies in human fertility and assisted reproduction. An up-to-date list of research publications from the American Center for Reproductive Medicine is available here A Scopus citation report of our publications over the past 34 years (1993 - 2017) is available here. Online application forms for the Summer Mentorship Program us available here