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Male Infertility Research

Our Center is actively conducting basic science and clinical research in the areas of male and female infertility and sexual function. To learn about our research program, please click on the links below:

To schedule an appointment for semen analysis at the
Main Campus Location at 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195,
please call the toll free number at 800-223-2273 ext 48182
or call direct lab line at 216-444-8182.

To schedule an appointment for semen analysis at the Avon Andrology Lab
call toll free at 800-599-7771
or direct lab line at 440-695-4270.

Avon Andrology Laboratory and Sperm Bank, The laboratory offers a large number of tests, mostly by semen analysis, to discover whether there are abnormalities in the semen. Facility offers computerized semen analysis, the leukocytospermia quantization/Endtz test and strict criteria morphology classification. Sperm processing tests include density-gradient sperm washing. Sperm function tests include semen oxidative stress profile, reactive oxygen species, the total antioxidant capacity test and DNA damage testing. The facility also offers sperm banking and long-term storage by cryopreservation.

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Last Update : January 09, 2013
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