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European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)
Annual Meetings

The latest research findings of Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists researching infertility, reproduction and sexual function have been presented in numerous American and International scientific meetings. A selected list of the abstracts presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology's annual meetings is as follows:

  28th Annual Meeting
Istanbul, Turkey
July 1 - 4, 2012

Maldonado I, Varghese A, López P, Cervantes E, Góngora A, Sharma R, Granja J, Agarwal A:
Oocyte morphology quality is not a limiting factor for the survival process on ageing oocytes after vitrification and warming using Cryotop method.

  26th Annual Meeting
Rome, Italy
June 27-30, 2010

Agarwal,A, Sharma,R, Thiyagarajan,A, Sabanegh,E:
TUNEL as a routine test for sperm DNA damage in the evaluation of male infertility.
In: 26th Annual Meeting of ESHRE, Rome, Italy on 27-30 June 2010. Abstract # R10-1498

Sabanegh,E, Sharma,R, Thiyagarajan,A, Agarwal,A:
Value of reactive oxygen species as a diagnostic test in the evaluation of male infertility.
In: 26th Annual Meeting of ESHRE, Rome, Italy on 27-30 June 2010. Abstract # R10-1508

  24th Annual Meeting
Barcelona, Spain
July 6-9, 2008

1.    PDF File (ESHRE-08-001.pdf    296 Kb)
Kader, A, Biscotti, C, Falcone, T:
Analysis of post-warming degeneration & apoptosis following porcine ovarian tissue vitrification using the Ohio-cryo device.

2.    PDF File (ESHRE-08-002.pdf    16 Kb)
Aziz, N, Mansour, GK, Sharma, R, Mahfouz, R, Falcon, T, Agarwal, A:
Impact of peritoneal fluid from healthy women and women with emdometriosis on sperm DNA and its relationship to the sperm deformity index.
Oral Presentation.

  22nd Annual Meeting
Prague, Czech Republic
June 18-21, 2006

1.    PDF File (ESHRE-06-TS.pdf    9 Kb)
Aziz, N, Said, TM, Lewis-Jones, I, Paazch, U, Grunewald, S, Glander, H, Agarwal, A:
Impact of apoptosis on sperm morphology and the sperm deformity index.
Oral Presentation.

  21st Annual Meeting
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jun 19-22, 2005

Grunewald, S, Said, TM, Paasch, U, Baumann, T, Agarwal, A, Glander, HJ:
Correlation of apoptosis markers with sperm oocyte penetration capacity.
Oral Presentation.

  Annual Meeting
Madrid, Spain
June 29 - July 2, 2003

1.    PDF File (ESHRE-03-2251.pdf    61 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Park, NC, Said, TM, Park, HJ, Lee, W, Seo, WJ :
Evaluation of the protective effect of L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine on human spermatozoa during freezing and thawing.
Abstract #2251.

2.    PDF File (ESHRE-03-2297.pdf    129 Kb)
Havelka, P, Oborna, I, Lichnovsky, V, Kubinyova, M, Fingerova, H, Said, TM, and Agarwal, A :
Comparison of the level of apoptosis in the mid-secretory human endometrium.
Abstract #2297

  Annual Meeting
Vienna, Austria
June 30 - July 3, 2002

1.    PDF File (ESHRE-02-001.pdf    88 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Miller, K, Falcone, T, Nelson, D, AbdelAleem, A, Mohamed, M, Al-Hussaini, T, and Agarwal, A:
Differential growth of human embryos in vitro: role of reactive oxygen species.
Oral Presentation.

  Annual Meeting
Lausanne, Switzerland
July 1-4, 2001

1.    PDF File (ESHRE-01-001.pdf    74 Kb)
Agarwal, A. and Ranganathan, P.:
Higher rates of recovery with Puresperm density gradient compared to ISolate.

2.    PDF File (ESHRE-01-002.pdf    77 Kb)
Saleh, R.A., Sharma, R.K., Kandirali, E., Alvarez, J.G., Nada, E.A., El-Tonsy, M.H., Nelson, D.R., Ollero, M., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Agarwal, A.:
Seminal leukocytes stimulate high reactive oxygen species production by human spermatozoa.

3.    PDF File (ESHRE-01-003.pdf    168 Kb)
Bedaiwy M.A., Goldberg J., Wang X., Sharma R .K., Miller K., Agarwal A., Attaran M., and Falcone T.:
Is there a relationship between cytokines and the embryotoxicity of hydrosalpinx fluid?

  Annual Meeting
Brussels, Belgium
June 25-29, 1994

1.    PDF File (ESHRE-94-270.pdf    121 Kb)
Agarwal, A., Garlak, D., Thomas, A.J., and Shekarriz, M:
The influence of leukocytospermia on reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation in semen.
Abstract #270, P. 106 (Prize Poster).

2.    PDF File (ESHRE-94-271.pdf    158 Kb)
Thomas, A.J., Garlak, D., Thomas, A.J., Shekarriz, M. and Agarwal, A:
The effect of Hodgkin's disease on fertility.
Abstract #271, P. 106.

3.    PDF File (ESHRE-94-119.pdf    113 Kb)
Agarwal, A., Shekarriz, M., Thomas, A.J., and Sidhu, R.S.:
Assessment of an optimum abstinence time for cryopreservation of semen in cancer patients.
Abstract #119, P. 49, Oral Presentation.

4.    PDF File (ESHRE-94-272.pdf    122 Kb)
Thomas, A.J., Shekarriz, M., Sidhu, R.S. and Agarwal, A.:
Effect of cryopreservation on semen quality in patients with testicular cancer.
Abstract #272, P. 106.

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