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The latest research findings of Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists researching infertility, reproduction and sexual function have been presented in numerous American and International scientific meetings. A selected list of the abstracts presented at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine's annual meetings is as follows:

  68th Annual Meeting
San Diego, California
October 2024, 2012

Sharma R, Agarwal A, Hamada AJ, Du Plessis Stefan S, Yadav SP, and Sabanegh E:
Identification of seminal plasma proteins in men with oxidative stress utilizing proteomic tools.
Abstract # 650442 (Submitted)

Sharma R, Agarwal A, Hamada AJ, Jesudasan R, Yadav S, Sabanegh E:
Proteomic analysis of seminal plasma proteins in men with various semen parameters.
Abstract # 650443 (Submitted)

Hamada AJ, Agarwal A, Du Plessis Stefan S, Yadav SP, Sabanegh E, Sharma R:
Proteomic analysis of spermatozoa proteins in men with oxidative stress.
Abstract # 650435 (Submitted)

Hamada AJ, Agarwal A, Du Plessis Stefan S, Willard B, Sabanegh E, Sharma R:
2-Dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis-based proteomics of male gamete in relation to oxidative stress.
Abstract # 650428

Agarwal A, Sharma R, Gupta S, Hamada AJ, and Sabanegh E:
Cryopreservation rates in sperm samples collected onsite and remotely using the NextGenTM home sperm banking kit.
Abstract #: 650444 (Submitted)

Agarwal A, Sharma R, Gupta S, Xavier A, Hurtado NB, Malvezzi H:
Semen collection by healthy men with and without an isotonic, fertility lubricant effects on sperm quality.
Abstract # 650566 (Submitted)

  66th Annual Meeting
Denver, Colorado
October 23-27, 2010

Esteves,S, Feijo,C, Aziz,N, Agarwal,A:
Brazilian sperm loves cell phone: more you talk more you produce.
Abstract # 651498

  65th Annual Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia
October 17-21, 2009

1.    PDF File (09-A-651537-ASRM.pdf    22 Kb)
Ramadan Saleh, Ashok Agarwal:
Histopathological patterns of testicular biopsies in infertile azoospermic men with varicoceles.
Abstract # 651537. Poster

2.    PDF File (09-A-651312-ASRM.pdf    16 Kb)
Ashok Agarwal, Nisarg R Desai, Reda Mahfouz, Rand Mouradi, Rakesh Sharma, Edmund Sabanegh:
Investigating pathophysiologic effects of cell phone radiation on human spermatozoa: use of a novel in vitro model.
Abstract # 651312. Poster

3.    PDF File (09-A-651166-ASRM.pdf    23 Kb)
Reda Z Mahfouz, Medhat K Amer, Rakesh K. Sharma, Ashok Agarwal:
Hyaluronan expression and sperm DNA fragmentation as indicators of conventional intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
Abstract # 651166. Oral

4.    PDF File (09-A-650567-ASRM.pdf    85 Kb)
Reda Mahfouz, Ashok Agarwal, Vaishali Kale, Aparna Thiyagarajan, Edmund Sabanegh, Rakesh K. Sharma:
Effects of advancing paternal age on oxidative stress in infertile men.
Abstract # 650567. Poster

5.    PDF File (09-A-650690-ASRM.pdf    25 Kb)
Ashok Agarwal, Sajal Gupta, Reda Mahfouz, Aparna Thiyagarajan, Vaishali Kale and Rakesh K. Sharma:
Utility of seminal oxidative stress (OS) profile and new OS scores in the clinical diagnosis of male infertility.
Abstract # 650690. Poster

6.    PDF File (09-A-650696-ASRM.pdf    24 Kb)
Reda Mahfouz, Aparna Thiyagarajan, Vaishali Kale, Rakesh K. Sharma, Edmund Sabanegh, Ashok Agarwal:
Determine the optimal abstinence for testing of seminal oxidative stress and sperm DNA damage in infertile men.
Abstract # 650696. Poster

7.    PDF File (09-A-650694-ASRM.pdf    24 Kb)
Sajal Gupta, Reda Mahfouz, Rakesh K. Sharma, Aparna Thiyagarajan, Edmund Sabanegh, Ashok Agarwal, Vaishali Kale:
Association of asthenozoospemia with oxidative stress in infertile patients.
Abstract # 650694. Poster

8.    PDF File (09-A-651566-ASRM.pdf    24 Kb)
Amr Kader, Aparna Thiyagarajan, Reda Z. Mahfouz, Rakesh Sharma, Edmund Sabanegh, Ashok Agarwal:
Sperm equilibration with a novel triple action cryoprotectant mixture improves sperm kinetics compared to 2 standard combinations.
Abstract # 651566. Poster

9.    PDF File (09-A-650693-ASRM.pdf    24 Kb)
Rakesh K. Sharma, Reda Mahfouz, Edmund Sabanegh, Vaishali Kale, Sajal Gupta, Ashok Agarwal:
Comparison of infertile men with low and high seminal reactive oxidative stress (ROS).
Abstract # 650693. Poster

10.    PDF File (09-A-651396-ASRM.pdf    16 Kb)
Amr Kader, Nisarg Desai, Tommaso Falcone:
Laparoscopic assisted injections transplantation of vitrified ovarian tissue in sheep model.
Abstract # 651396. Poster

11.    PDF File (09-A-650921-ASRM.pdf    20 Kb)
Gihan K. Mansour, Rakesh Sharma, Ashok Agarwal, Jeffrey Goldberg, Tommaso Falcone:
Effect of endometriosis on DNA integrity of embryo development and the role of L-carnitine in preventing damage.
Abstract # 650921. Poster

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