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Spinal Cord Injury
Rehabilitation Institute (RI) physicians are national leaders in the field of Spinal Cord Medicine. Clinical care and research projects support interest in a wide variety of conditions associated with SCI, including spasticity, sexual dysfunction, pressure sores, pain, and bowel/bladder dysfunction. Our patient group includes persons with a wide range of disabilities, from mild to severe.

Organ Transplant
Rehabilitation Institute physicians designed and carried out the first research study ever presented to demonstrate the efficacy and benefits of acute-level rehabilitation in patients post- cardiac transplant. An active interest is maintained, with a focus on evaluating and treating the wide range of physical restrictions that accompanies these patients’ basic needs for reconditioning.

MS and Transverse Myelitis
The Institute supports the Physical and Occupational Therapy services provided to the internationally renowned Mellen Center for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. PM&R physicians focus on evaluation, prevention and treatment of secondary disability, targeting restrictions in mobility, locomotion, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and deficits in performance of daily care activities.

Cancer Rehabilitation
Persons with cancer diagnoses are often faced with physical restrictions, many of which are remediable through rehabilitation strategies and patient / family education. In many instances, quality of life is greatly enhanced by simple efforts targeted at modificaiton of the home environment, family teaching in personal care assistance, and through remediation of physical restrictions in the cancer patient through a home exercise program.

The RI physicians maintain a close collaboration with the Stroke Center at CCF, ensuring a smooth contiuum of services is provided to persons with stroke, both in the inpatient hospital and the outpatient setting. Multiple opportunities for participation in Stroke-related rehabilitation research are available. RI physicians regularly attend multidisciplinary stroke conferences and rounds, to maintain this close working relationship with the Stroke Center faculty.

Brain Injury
The RI staff includes physicians considered among the nations’ experts in Neurorehabilitation. Comprehensive services in Cognitive Testing and Retraining, Speech Pathology, Swallowing Dysfunction, and Physical and Occupationial therapy support a full multidisciplinary rehabilitation effort in this field.

Parkinson’s Disease
Collaboration with the Neurological Institutes’ Parkinson program ensures that patients benefiting from the latest techniques and medical treatments for Parkinson’s Disease are supported with appropriate rehabilitation services. Therapy teams target restrictions in balance, walking, and performance of daily tasks (dressing, toileting, etc), helping these patients gain the most benefit from new treatments.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Complex Fractures

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Neuro-Muscular Diseases


Cardiac Disease



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