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ACET Medication Trial

What are the benefits of going through a Medication Trial?
The medication trials offered by the ACET Program offer an objective, databased trial of either methylphenidate or Adderall®. These trials allow for a more impartial mediation trial than typical practice, which operate on a trial-by-error system of increasing/decreasing doses based on subjective feedback from parents. The ACET Program medication trials require more objective feedback from both parent and teacher, and effects of medication are monitored closely for both positive and negative side effects.

How long do the Medication Trials last?
The actual trial lasts 4 to 5 weeks, depending on a number of different factors (i.e., age, prior involvement with psychostimulant medication). Four to five sessions are scheduled weekly on Friday afternoons. Baseline information is gathered at the first session, which will be used to evaluate the effects of medication as well as possible side effects.

Why is there a placebo week involved?
The medication trial involves 3 weeks with random assignment of dose and one week of a placebo pill. The placebo can clarify whether psychostimulant medication is appropriate or contraindicated for a child’s treatment plan.

Summer Treatment Program (STP)

Does insurance cover the cost of the STP?
Historically, health insurance may cover a portion of the cost; however, coverage has been limited. Parents are encouraged to discuss coverage with their insurance representative.

Do you offer any scholarships or tuition cuts?
There may be some financial assistance available; however, these arrangements are few and based on need.

Does my child need to be diagnosed with ADHD in order to be accepted?
Yes. Children already diagnosed with ADHD do not need to be re-evaluated; however, documentation of the diagnosis is required. Parents interested in a formal diagnostic evaluation can schedule an appointment with the ACET Program. All children are screened for symptoms of ADHD during the application process regardless of diagnosis.

How many children are accepted to the program?
Enrollment is limited to 44 children. Since previous summers have incurred over 100 applications, parents are encouraged to apply early. Children are accepted on a rolling admission policy, and applications are reviewed in the order of their receipt.

How do I begin the application process?
Interested families should contact Kristina Shiever, STP Coordinator, at 216-444-0075. Please leave a message indicating that you would like an application packet sent to your address.

How can I receive more information?
To receive more information on the STP, please contact Kristina Shiever, STP Coordinator, at 216-444-0075. Please leave a message indicating that you would like information sent to your address.

During the STP, are children involved with any academics?
As part of their daily activity, children engage in 3 Learning Centers: Academic, Computer, and Art. During this time, children practice skills that will allow them to become more successful in the classroom environment (e.g., staying on task, following instructions, task completion).

What is the child/counselor ratio, and who makes up the staff?
The program boasts a 2:1 child: counselor ratio. Five counselors, one graduate student and four undergraduate students, supervise each group of 10-11 children. Licensed teachers manage the academic and computer learning centers.

How are parents involved during the summer?
Parents are actively involved. Parents implement a Daily Reward System that is individualized for each child. Parents are assisted with this process during weekly parent training sessions, during which they also learn about appropriate behavioral interventions that can be implemented at home. Current research and strategies for school involvement are also discussed.

Is any follow-up treatment offered as part of the STP?
Children and their parents are involved in monthly booster sessions, which meet throughout the school year. During these two-hour meetings, parents engage in parent training while children participate in typical STP activities under the supervision of the STP counselors.

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