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The mission of the Section of Pediatric Psychology is to provide the best possible services to our patients and their families, utilizing empirically-supported diagnostic and treatment techniques, implemented with caring and respect.  We provide a range of specialized psychological evaluation and treatment services to children from infancy through young adulthood, coordinating care with other specialists and professionals to best meet each child's needs.  Staff in Pediatric Psychology include pediatric psychologists, fellows, assistants, social workers, and administrative and support personnel.  Professional staff are involved in clinical teaching, research, and professional associations, and are recognized regionally and nationally as experts in their subspecialty fields.  Within Pediatric Psychology are several specialized programs, and staff work closely with professionals in other departments to best address each child's specific difficulties.  These include ACET (ADHD Center for Evaluation and Treatment), Pediatric Behavioral Medicine Program, CCCA (The Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism), and the Hospital Consultation-Liaison Service.  Diagnostic evaluations are available for children with attentional, learning, developmental, behavioral, or emotional problems, with psychological and psychoeducational testing conducted when indicated.  Staff psychologists have special expertise in psychological treatment of eating and feeding disorders, developmental disabilities, chronic and acute pain, coping with illness and disease, attentional and learning difficulties, and physical symptoms associated with stress. 

How to Make an Appointment

All initial appointments are scheduled by calling the scheduling desk at (216) 445-2066 or Toll Free at 1-800-CCF-CARE x 52066.  Please have your insurance information available when making this call.

Location and Directions

The Section of Pediatric Psychology is located at the Main Campus, in the A Building, between Carnegie Avenue and Euclid Avenue and on East 100th Street in downtown Cleveland.

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