About the Departments and Sections at The Children's Hospital at The Cleveland Clinic



The section of Pediatric Radiology is dedicated to the motto of the Children's Hospital, "the child comes firs.t" Our goal is for the child and family to have as comfortable experience as possible within a professional atmosphere. Imaging studies performed by the section include, but are not limited to: cross sectional imaging including computed tomography (CT) using low dose scanning techniques on 16 row detector scanners with 3-D reconstruction, magnetic resonance imaging (MR) including vascular MR, MR spectroscopy and fetal MR, ultrasound including Doppler, interventional radiology, film radiography,and flouroscopy. A wide variety of pathology is seen from the tiniest premature infant to 18 year old patients. The section has a particular interest in resident education. A web-site has been developed pediatricradiology.clevelandclinic.org
with Dr. Janet Reid as the principal investigator and editor

Section Head, Marilyn J. Goske, MD
Stuart Morrison, MD
Janet Reid MD
Sunny Chung, MD



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