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Multiple Myeloma Support/Education Group

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation multiple Myeloma Support/Education group is a rapidly growing support group, which is designed to provide patients and families with a strong support base and educational format. The main objective is to educate patients and families as we believe a better-educated patient will have a better chance at surviving his/her illness. In addition, increasing the community's awareness of the disease is an important component in building a support network for patients and families.

The support group meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 1:00 - 3:00 PM at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. There is a formal presentation followed by open discussion at most meetings with time allowed for emotional and social support.

One of the important findings in the experience of our center is the families and patients abilities to cope and handle the disease, all the emotional and therapeutic issues that come along with the diagnosis. As a group we have decided that such experiences should be shared with others hoping that this will help patients families and their medical care providers to interact with each other and the disease. We are starting a series of one patient's daughter experience with her mother's disease. I am privileged to get to know this person who did a tremendous job supporting her family through a very difficult time. she has graciously agreed to write this experience and share it with others. I was most impressed by her ability to express her self in a self motivating way. With this brief introduction I am presenting to you a series of a true life experience that will help all of us deal with tragedy and hardship in a very positive view.


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Home Research funds Educational Meetings Life
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