Learn more about the rehabilitation options available and which
one may be right for your needs from one of the nation's leading
rehabilitation hospitals.

Finding the right rehabilitation facility can seem like a daunting task. Choosing the right program is the first step in setting and achieving your rehabilitation goals.

Cleveland Clinic has developed the informational videos below to help answer some commonly asked questions about the rehab choices available and provide important tips to help you find the right rehabilitation care to best meet you or your or loved one's needs.

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospitals, with three locations at Euclid Hospital, Lakewood Hospital and Cleveland Clinic's Main Campus, provide a seamless transition into the rehabilitative phase of each patient's medical care. We provide personalized care from doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation along with an experienced team of therapists including physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapists who work with rehabilitation nurses, psychologists, social workers and case managers.

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospitals: Road to Recovery


If you or a loved one have had a stroke and now need inpatient rehabilitation services, you can request more information about Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospitals or request a tour of our facilities to help in your decision-making process. Simply complete the form below and one of our rehabilitation coordinators will contact you within one business day to answer your questions and arrange for you to tour our facilities at your earliest convenience.