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Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Hillcrest Hospital

Intro to Level III NICU

Hillcrest Hospital is able to provide superior care at our Level III NICU. It means that we are able to care for infants with the most serious medical conditions, including breathing difficulties, premature births, and multiple births. We have life-saving treatments and technologies to care for a full range of health problems. Hillcrest Hospital also offers 24/7 surgical coverage should it be necessary. And, because Hillcrest is a Cleveland Clinic hospital, babies facing extreme difficulties will have immediate access to Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Family-Centered Care

We take a "family-centered" approach to your baby's care. Each newborn has their own private room. To care for sensitive vision and hearing, each room features adjustable lighting and special soundproofing in the ceilings and floors. The NICU also has a dedicated family area with overnight accommodations, sitting area, dining room table and kitchenette. There is also a computer station and play area for siblings.

Expert Attention

The NICU team includes specialists such as Neonatologists, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, Neonatal Respiratory Therapists, Neonatal OT/PT and Neonatal Pharmacists, with our nursing team averaging over 15 years of neonatal nursing experience. Each nurse is assigned to patient care—not a desk away from mothers and their families. And because we have a dedicated respiratory therapist on-site 24/7 as well as advanced ventilator technology, we can provide expertise and emergency care not found anywhere else on Cleveland's East Side.

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