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J-pouch Procedure at Cleveland Clinic Florida


Are you suffering from the effects of chronic mucosal ulcerative colitis, familial adnomatous polyposis, or colon and rectal cancer? Is taking medication, living with pain and being tied to the restroom a part of your daily life? Do you want to avoid a permanent external bag (ileostomy)?

If you are looking for alternatives to permanent ileostomy, a J-pouch procedure (also known as pelvic pouch, ileo pouch or ileal pouch) may be the answer. Cleveland Clinic Florida's Department of Colorectal Surgery has extensive experience creating successful J-pouches and repairing failed pelvic pouches. As an alternative to traditional surgical procedures, Cleveland Clinic Florida is one of a few centers in the Southeast United States that provides minimally invasive laparoscopic J-pouch procedures, which offers most patients several benefits:

  • Less blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Minimal scarring
  • Quicker recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay

After a J-pouch procedure, patients gain control over their bowel movements, choose when to use the restroom, and resume a normal life.

Download a free J-pouch procedure fact sheet to learn:

  • How a J-pouch is created
  • Who can benefit from a J-pouch
  • The advantages of a J-pouch
  • The advantages of laparoscopic surgery
  • Details on MyConsult, our online medical second opinion service

It is Cleveland Clinic Florida's goal to help patients live a normal, healthy life - you can achieve this through a J-pouch procedure with our experienced and dedicated physicians.


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did you know?
  • Our Department of Colorectal Surgery is the largest colorectal surgery center in Florida and has the largest colorectal residency training program in North America.
  • Cleveland Clinic Florida has one of the largest small bowel endoscopy programs in Florida.
  • Cleveland Clinic Florida's overall laparoscopic experience remains one of the most extensive in the world.
what are patients are saying

"In 1998, I suffered from ulcerative colitis while interning at Cleveland Clinic Florida. The lack of control was very uncomfortable and embarrassing in the busy hospital environment. Luckily, I did not have to go far for treatment. Dr. Wexner and his team performed the J-pouch and gave me my life back. The overall Cleveland Clinic experience was great and I had control again after 11 years of suffering and embarrassment. 12 years after the procedure, I feel great and have no problems."

- Ghassan Haddad, MD, Miami, FL
J-pouch procedure patient at Cleveland Clinic Florida

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