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What Makes Fairview Hospital's Advanced Heart Center So Special?

by Dr. Maroo

Our Heart Center has state-of-the-art equipment and expert physicians to provide total patient care.

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Fairview Hospital, a Teaching Hospital.

by Dr. Shaikh

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  1. Learn What Sets our Heart Center Apart

    What Makes Fairview Hospital's Advanced Heart Center So Special?
    Our Heart Center has state-of-the-art equipment and expert physicians to provide total patient care.
    Dr. Maroo
  2. Fairview Hospital, a Teaching Hospital.
    We are proud to be the only West Side hospital that is a teaching hospital.
    Dr. Shaikh
  3. Quality Outcomes... What Do They Mean to You?
    Our staff and physicians are well-trained, well-experienced and offer the highest quality outcomes.
    Dr. Castle
  4. Credentialed Heart Staff. Confident Patients.
    Physicians and staff are highly trained and educated in the latest certifications.
    Dr. Nautiyal
  5. Our Heart Clinics Offer You the Best.
    A heart clinic is similar to a doctor's office where you have easier access and more time to speak with a physician.
    Dr. Maroo
  6. How Can Our Code Crimson Help You?
    Code Crimson offers a streamlined procedure for heart attack patients to treat within a critical 90-minute timeframe.
    Dr. Nukta
  7. Learn More About Your Heart

    Risk Factors for Heart Disease
    There are many risk factors for heart disease
    Dr. Vlastaris
  8. Heart Disease in Women and Men
    Heart attack symptoms are different than you may think.
    Dr. Maroo
  9. What is Atrial Fibrillation?
    Atrial fibrillation is an arrhythmia in the upper chamber in the heart.
    Dr. Castle
  10. Defining Vascular
    Dr. Nukta
  11. Learn More about Heart Procedures

    What is the Mini-Maze Procedure?
    We are the only West Side hospital offering the innovative Mini-Maze procedure to treat atrial fibrillation.
    Dr. Gill
  12. Get First-Hand Knowledge of Unique Vascular Procedures.
    We offer the most advanced techniques for treatment of the major arteries in the body and lower extremities.
    Dr. Droubi

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  1. What's New in our New Heart Center?
    Fairview Hospital's new 14.5 million dollar Heart Center gives you access to the latest treatments and medical expertise close to home.
    Fairview Hospital
  2. Introducing Women's Preventive Cardiology Clinic
    Heart disease has passed up cancer as the leading killer of women in the nation.
    Fairview Hospital
  3. Chest Pain to Heart Repaired, in 90 Minutes
    Fairview Hospital's Chest Pain Center provides the most innovative immediate treatment for heart attack victims, around the clock.
    Fairview Hospital
  4. How Our Research Institute Can Save Your Life
    Patients can benefit from the latest technology and clinical trials to treat cardiovascular disease through our Cardiovascular Research Institute.
    Fairview Hospital

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