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Q: What are the Cleveland Clinic EHP Wellness Program elements?
  • Smoking Cessation: EHP employees can enroll in Cleveland Clinic Tobacco Treatment Clinic for smoking cessation programs.
  • Weight Management: EHP employees can enroll in Cleveland Clinic Tier 1 weight management programs, Weight Watchers®, or Curves® Weight Management Program for free.
  • Physical Activity: EHP employees have free access to designated Cleveland Clinic fitness centers and to Curves®.
    Q: What is the dollar value of the three program elements?
    A: If you take advantage of all three program elements, you would receive over $1,000 in program benefits.
    Q: Do Cleveland Clinic EHP employees have to pay any upfront costs to take advantage of the program?
    A: No, Cleveland Clinic EHP employees who take advantage of these programs will have no upfront costs. Note: Employees will be required to complete an application at sign-up. The application authorizes the Cleveland Clinic EHP to provide reimbursement on the employee's behalf and to collect specific information about the employee and his/her participation that is required for tracking program success.
    Q: Why did the Cleveland Clinic EHP choose Weight Watchers® and Curves®?
    A: We're partnering with Weight Watchers® because it's an industry leader in weight loss and has a proven model for success. We're working with Curves® for many of the same reasons, and because its facilities are so accessible and offer great on-site resources.
    Q: I'm an EHP employee, but I don't smoke, I'm not overweight and I've been following a fitness routine in my own home for years. What's in this new program for me?
    A: The program components we are offering are not meant to meet the needs of all employees. Cleveland Clinic is providing these as a benefit to that group of EHP participants who could become healthier by using them - like the benefit coverage we provide in case employees need surgery or other types of healthcare. While the Wellness Program may not have an impact on all EHP employees, they have the potential to benefit us all by encouraging a healthier work environment that enables us to better meet our patients' needs. That's certainly a goal we all share.


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    Q: Who is eligible to take advantage of the Cleveland Clinic EHP Wellness Program?
    A: Any employee enrolled in the Cleveland Clinic EHP - with one exception. Union employees enrolled in the Cleveland Clinic EHP do not have access to the EHP Wellness Program because it has not yet been negotiated through their contract.
    Q: Can spouses and dependents under the EHP take advantage of the Wellness Program?

    Yes - due to the success of the EHP Wellness programs, dependents are now included.  Members of EHP Total Care are eligible to participate in any of the three wellness programs.  These programs encourage the well being of our members and focus on three key lifestyle areas: tobacco use, food choices, and physical activity.  Members who enroll in the program receive:

    • Free treatment and medication by the Cleveland Clinic Tobacco Treatment Center
    • Free participation in Tier 1 weight reduction program or a free membership with Weight Watchers®
    • Free membership to a Cleveland Clinic-owned fitness center or Curves.
    Q: Why is this program only offered to EHP employees?
    A: We are offering it first to EHP employees (who make up about 75% of our employees) because these are first-time offerings that will require special monitoring and other administrative efforts. We hope at some point to extend the offerings more broadly. But before we can do so, we need to see what kind of participation we'll experience. We need to give each program component a reasonable period of usage to see whether it makes sense to offer it more extensively.
    Q: Why didn't the Cleveland Clinic EHP wait until they could offer a Wellness Program to everyone?
    A: To the extent possible, we certainly want to make the program available to all employees at the same time. But we can't always do so, for reasons that could include contract issues and logistics. That said, when we are able to offer a benefit or enhancement at a certain location, we want to make it available as soon as it comes online, to give as many employees as possible a chance to take advantage of an opportunity as soon as they can.

    Smoking Cessation

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    Q: Why does Cleveland Clinic have a smoke-free policy?
    A: It is in keeping with our mission to be a premier healthcare provider and to ensure a healthy environment for our employees and the patients we serve.

    Cleveland Clinic went smoke-free on July 4, 2005, when we introduced the Smash the Ash Program. All facilities and grounds became designated as smoke-free areas. Since then, the Clinic has taken further steps to help eliminate the health and monetary damages caused by tobacco use - smoking, chewing and dipping. Cleveland Clinic no longer hires people who use tobacco. But we do have long-time employees who have been smoking for years, and it is our goal to do everything possible to help them quit.
    Q: What do the smoking cessation services include?
    A: Those who want to kick the habit can partner with a certified smoking cessation specialist to develop a personalized treatment plan that can include medication and behavioral therapy resources, such as reading material and Web-based programs.
    Q: If I sign up for smoking cessation, what happens next?
    A: Here's how it works:
    • After you enroll in a Cleveland Clinic Tier 1 Smoking Cessation Program OR the Tobacco Treatment Clinic, complete the EHP Wellness Program Smoking Cessation Application, sign it, and return it to the address on the form. You can get the application on either the EHP Web site at or the Employee Wellness Web site at If you do not have access to the Intranet, contact the EHP Customer Service Unit at 216-448-0800 to get an application.
    • The EHP CSU will coordinate with your pharmacy plan to waive the $100 deductible and coinsurance for any smoking cessation pharmacy medications. (Please keep in mind that over-the-counter aids are not covered under the Prescription Drug Benefit.)
    • You will have 10 days to return the application to the EHP with your signature. If you do not return the application, you will be responsible for all charges associated with your participation in the Smoking Cessation Program.
    Q: What is the telephone number of the Tobacco Treatment Clinic?
    A: It's 216.444.8111.

    Weight Management

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    Q: Will the Cleveland Clinic EHP have a Weight Watchers® At-Work Program at each facility?
    A: The goal is to have an at-work class featuring multiple times and schedules at each facility. However, Weight Watchers® requires a minimum class participation level for their at-work classes (15 persons for a 13-week class and 20 persons for an 18-week class). So, participation in a long-term weight loss program that provides continuous intervention within a support group atmosphere at work will only be possible if participation levels are met.
    Q: Will the new program fully cover the costs of the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) Diet and EHP surgical weight loss program currently under Cleveland Clinic Tier 1 Weight Management Programs?
    A: EHP employees will have free access with no upfront costs to most Cleveland Clinic Tier 1 Weight Management Programs, the program does not provide free access to the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF Diet) or the surgical weight loss program.

    Reimbursement for both programs will continue as before, with EHP employees paying 100% of upfront costs for physician office visits, diagnostic and lab studies, and nutritional visits, and then receiving 20% reimbursement at sign-up, when short-term weight loss goals are met, and for subsequent program fees every three months as long as the weight loss is maintained or continued.
    Q: Where can I get information on Tier 1 Weight Management programs?
    A: EHP members can contact a Cleveland Clinic system hospital to inquire about available program offerings. Because programs change often, there is no set schedule.
    Q: What happens if I just paid for 17 weeks of Weight Watchers?
    A: When you begin your next series of Weight Watcher sessions, be sure to complete the EHP Wellness Program Weight Management Application in order to have them paid for by the EHP.

    Physical Activity

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    Q: Will Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan Total Care (EHP) reimburse memberships to the Cleveland Clinic Owned Fitness Centers?
    A: Yes, the Cleveland Clinic EHP Wellness Program will cover physical activity at the following facilities:
    • The W.O. Walker Health & Wellness Center (Available to all eligible Cleveland Clinic and Regional Employees)
    • Fairview Cardiac Rehab/Fitness Center (Available to all eligible Cleveland Clinic and Regional Employees with limited availability)
    • Parker Building (Available to eligible employees who work at Parker only)
    • TRW Lyndhurst campus (Available to all eligible Cleveland Clinic and Regional Employees)
    • Wooster Family Health Center (Available to all eligible Cleveland Clinic and Regional Employees)
    Q: What equipment and amenities do the Cleveland Clinic Owned Fitness Centers offer?
    A: All Cleveland Clinic Owned Fitness Centers feature cardio and weight training equipment. For full information on the fitness centers click here.
    Q: How can I contact Cleveland Clinic EHP Total Care?
    A: Call 216-448-0800 or their toll-free number at 1-866-811-4352


    Q: How do I register for Cleveland Clinic EHP Fitness Center Free Membership?
    A: All Facilities
    Go to the desired fitness center to complete enrollment forms, EHP "Physical Activity" application. You are also required to have quarterly measurements completed. Your baseline will be obtained during your initial enrollment. You MUST present your EHP member identification card and employee ID badge at time of enrollment. (see special instructions below for Fairview and Parker)

    A completed and signed EHP Wellness Program application authorizes the EHP to collect specific data about the member, including participation information, height, weight, waist and hip measurements. Members must agree to submit measurement data quarterly to maintain their free membership.

    Fitness Center will mail your application with original signature directly to Cleveland Clinic EHP (fax, electronic, or photocopy NOT accepted).

    EHP will notify the Fitness Center of your approval for a 12-month paid membership.

    Fairview Hospital Cardiac Rehab/Fitness Center (limited capacity):

    1. Call or Go to Fairview Hospital Cardiac Rehab/Fitness Center to schedule an orientation to Complete Enrollment Forms & Cleveland Clinic EHP "Physical Activity" Application MWF 7:00am-7:00pm
    2. Fairview Cardiac Rehab/Fitness Center Badge Access will be activated upon approval
    Parker Building (Parker Employees ONLY):
    1. Go to the Parker Fitness Center to Complete Enrollment Forms & the Cleveland Clinic EHP "Physical Activity" Application. A fitness specialist will be available on Tuesday's & Thursday's from 8:00am-1:00pm to process applications.
    2. Parker Fitness Center badge access will be activated upon approval.
    Q: Can my spouse and dependents covered under the Employee Health Plan use the Cleveland Clinic owned fitness centers?
    A: Yes. Registration is required. At the Fairview Hospital fitness center dependents must be 18 years old or older.
    Q: How do they register?
    A: W.O Walker Health and Wellness Center (16 years and older)
    Same instructions as for employees; however, the spouse and/or dependent must be accompanied by the Cleveland Clinic employee enrolled in the EHP. Spouse and/or dependent must present their EHP member identification at time of enrollment along with the employee's ID number.

    Fairview Hospital Cardiac Rehab/Fitness Center (18 years and older)

    1. Interested spouses and dependents must come personally to the Fairview fitness center to complete registration forms and watch the orientation video any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 7:00am-7:00pm.
    2. Must present a photo ID and EHP/Antares Health Plan membership card at the fitness center at the time of registration. In addition, the spouse / dependent must provide the employee's ID number.
    3. Must also visit Human Resources during open hours of operation (M-F 8am-5pm) and again present a photo ID and EHP insurance ID card to obtain a CCF identification card to allow access to the facility and for member identification while on the Fairview campus.
    Parker Fitness Center (Employees ONLY no spouses or dependents at this time)
    Q: If I have a fitness center membership at the Walker or Parker facility, can I also use the Fairview facility?
    A: Employee Fitness Center members with a home facility other than Fairview-must notify via email a minimum of 24 hours in advance of proposed use of the facility to be granted access. Members must supply the following information: Employee ID Number, Encoded Number from their CCF employee badge (6 digit number located on the back of the badge next to the date the badge was issued), location of the CCF fitness center where they initially signed up, and expected use of the facility.
    Q: To qualify for a free membership, does an employee who is an EHP member have to register at one of these fitness centers by a specific date?
    A: No. You can join anytime during the year, and your membership will be effective for 12 months from your enrollment date.
    Q: What do I need to do in order to keep my free EHP membership?
    A: As of January 1, 2011, there are no minimum number of visits to keep your membership.  The health plan has the right to discontinue payment for your membership if the health plan member does not complete the EHP Wellness Program application form, refuses to provide quarterly measurements, or is no longer enrolled in the health plan.
    Q: If I don't like the fitness center I joined, can I switch to another one?
    A: No. The EHP is contractually bound to reimburse the fitness center you joined for 12 months.
    Q: What if I am injured or incapacitated and I can no longer work out at the facility during the 12-month period?
    A: If you cannot work out at the center for medical reasons, you will need to provide medical clearance (letter from physician) to extend or terminate membership.
    Q: What if my employment at Cleveland Clinic ends?
    A: If your employment with Cleveland Clinic ends or if you cease to be enrolled in the EHP, the EHP will stop paying for the membership and the contract terminated.
    Q: How will the EHP know I have been attending a Cleveland Clinic Owned Fitness Center?
    A: The EHP will receive monthly participation reports from each fitness center based on front desk check in and/or swipe access into the fitness center.

    Non-Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan Employee

    Q: What Physical Activity opportunities are offered to employees who are not members of the EHP?
    A: The Cleveland Clinic offers a variety of physical activity options to employees. Visit for more information.
    Q: Can an employee who is not a member of the EHP or a spouse, significant other, dependent or guest attend or join a Cleveland Clinic Owned fitness center for free?
    A: No, however, reasonable membership rates are available. For full information on membership rates at Cleveland Clinic fitness centers click here.


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