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Shape Up & Go! Can Help You Qualify for Healthy Choice


Health Plan members diagnosed as “healthy” (not diagnosed with one of the six chronic conditions Healthy Choice focuses on (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight management, diabetes, asthma and tobacco use) who prefer not to join a Cleveland Clinic-sponsored fitness center or Curves to qualify for Healthy Choice, can participate in Shape Up & Go!, a free fitness program offered by Employee Wellness.  

In 2014, to qualify for Healthy Choice premium advantages, Shape Up & Go! participants will need to track at least 100,000 steps or 600 exercise minutes — or both — every month using an electronic Pebble device.  The Pebble records physical activity automatically, so you won’t need to manually track steps and exercise minutes via the Shape Up & Go! website anymore. To learn more about the Pebble click here.


How participating in Shape Up & Go! is different in 2014

  • EHP members trying to qualify for Healthy Choice no longer need to participate in Shape Up & Go! challenges with start dates and end dates.
  • Members who participate in Shape Up & Go! will need to participate in that program using the Pebble for at least six months by the end of Sept. 30, 2014.
  • The Pebble will track your physical activity — so there’s no need to manually track steps or exercise minutes online.

Participating in Shape Up & Go! challenges with start and end dates is open to all caregivers interested in teambuilding and  competition within this program. However, participating in the challenges is not required to qualify for Healthy Choice.

For additional details, visit the Shape Up & Go! page of the Employee Wellness site. To register in the program, visit


Note to health plan members with physical challenges: Please call Health Plan Customer Service at 216.448.0800 or toll free at 1.866.811.4352 to discuss wellness management options that fit your needs and help you qualify for Healthy Choice.




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