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Pregnancy Weight Management Requirements for Healthy Choice

To work toward maximum Healthy Choice premium discount, individuals who are at a BMI of

27 or greater at the start of their pregnancy have the option to participate with Dr. Karen

Cooper and the “Be Well Moms Eat Well” Program. Please contact (216) 444-6601.

You will have an initial medical assessment with Dr. Cooper prior to choosing to the “Be Well

Moms Eat Well” program.  Initial Assessment includes:

  • maximum amount of weight to be gained per BMI within National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines
  • medication review (if any)
  • stage of pregnancy
  • prenatal vitamins/other supplements
  • results of diagnostic prenatal tests (as it pertains to their health and wellbeing)
  • pertinent medical dietary counseling

Goal: To keep weight within NIH guidelines for the purpose of lowering the risk of gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, emergent or necessary csection, premature babies, babies too large for gestational age and other fetal defects which can occur from excessive weight gain.

1. EHP Care Coordinator will refer you to call at any time, but while in the “Be Well

Moms Eat Well” program, standard program outreach is not required.

2. Dr. Cooper is required on initial visit to provide you and your EHP Care Coordinator

with maximum amount of weight to be gained per BMI within NIH guidelines.

3. Dr. Cooper is required on end of pregnancy visit to provide EHP with your weight

gain and number of Eat Well program sessions. This information will also be shared

with the EHP Care Coordinator.


Program length rules:

Birth prior to March 30 will follow the standard Healthy Choice Program rules

Birth between April 1 and September 30 apply to “Be Well Moms Eat Well” program you tell your EHP Care Coordinator that you defer to the standard Healthy Choice program rules.

After delivery, you return to standard weight management protocol with your EHP

Care Coordinator.

2/14/2014 PZ

For more information or to join, call the EHP Medical
Management Department at 216-986-1050 or toll-free
at 1-888-246-6648.

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