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How to Upload Pebble Activity

and Confirm It Is Recorded Accurately


NOTE: If your pebble lights circle more than once after tapping 5 times, and data is not showing on your Shape Up and Go page, please contact .

The Pebble records physical activity automatically, so Shape Up! participants don’t need to manually track steps or minutes online the way they used to in the past. 


Uploading data is easy

When you wear your Pebble, just walk within 100 feet of any Cleveland Clinic wireless access point—or “sync point”—to automatically upload your steps and minutes.


There are sync points at all of our hospitals, family health centers and administrative buildings. For a full list, click here. If you don't work at any of these locations, you may instead receive a personal sync point to upload activity via your work or home computer. 


In addition, a spouse or domestic partner participating in Shape Up & Go! will receive a personal sync point to use with a home computer. If your spouse or domestic partner received a personal sync point—but you didn’t—you can also use his or hers to upload your data.


Get instructions on how to install a personal sync point on your work or home computer. Note: If you are attempting to install a personal sync point on a Cleveland Clinic-owned computer, and get a prompt for an administrative security password, you will need to submit a “My Tech Request” to have "actihealth software" uploaded to the computer.  Click here for My Tech Request link.


How to confirm data has uploaded

To find out at any time how much activity has been uploaded, visit the Shape Up & Go! website and click on the following buttons:

  • "Tracking" — which will bring up the current week with your steps and minutes by day
  • "Progress" — to see how many steps or minutes were uploaded in the past week, month or year.
  • "Year" — and then hover over the graph bar for the current month to see how many steps or minutes you have so far, to see if you met the monthly minimum for steps or minutes.


And, take a moment to hover over the blue icon that looks like a microphone to the right of your steps or minutes — this will show you the last time your Pebble synced.



If you have any questions about your Pebble—or are concerned it isn’t syncing properly—please contact EHP Customer Service at 216.448.2247 (toll free: 877.688.2247) or email




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