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Pebbles and Pedometers Measure Activity Differently

Some members using the Pebble device have noticed that the Pebble records data very differently from a pedometer.

This is because the Pebble is a highly accurate activity measurement device that filters out non-step motions and tracks activity more reliably than a pedometer. The Pebble detects walking, running, biking, swimming and activity on exercise machines such as ellipticals and stationary bikes. It even records activities like gardening and house cleaning. There are many brands of pedometers on the market, and they have varying sensitivities depending on their make and model. Some even pick up random motions such as foot-tapping, which they may count as steps. Not so with the Pebble — it won’t record resting time of any kind.

For best results, the Pebble should be securely fastened and can be worn on the foot, waistband, belt or bra. View more Pebble FAQs





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