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Shape Up & Go Participants: Remember to track your results weekly

EHP Members: Its easy to join a Coordinated Care program

EHP Members: Complete coordination of benefits process by April 1

EHP Members: Its easy to join a Coordinated Care program

EHP Members: Are you on track to qualify for Healthy Choice?

EHP Members: Hold on to your plan ID card

EHP Members: Understand the instructions in your Healthy Choice letter?

EHP Members: Take charge of chronic health problems with Healthy Choice

EHP Members: What to do if your Healthy Choice letter says you're healthy

EHP Members: Did your Healthy Choice letter ask for more information?

EHP Members: Complete annual COB process

EHP Members: Don't forget to schedule your health visit


EHP Members: Healthy Choice Letter Outlines Steps to Take

Medina Recreation Center Becomes EHP Eligible Facility Starting January 13, 2013

Third Party Administrator Mutual Health Services Website Changing January 1, 2013

EHP members: Questions about your doctor joining the QA?

EHP members: Tier 1 providers required to join QA next year

Stay Ahead of Chronic Health Problems

How To Hold On To Your Gold

No Time to Waste: Schedule Your Health Visit Today

Prescription Drug Benefit Changes

Protect Yourself and Your Family This Flu Season (Click here for free employee flu shot locations and link to sites for EHP dependents to receive the flu shot.  A flu shot is a covered benefit for EHP members.)

Reminder to EHP Members About Co-Payment Requirements

EHP Address and TPA Name Change

ER Transfer Call Line Requirement for EHP Members In Effect



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