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Take Action Now, Save Later

Participate in Healthy Choice this year and you will benefit in 2014

You will receive a letter from the Health Plan at home in early January that explains what you need to do in 2013 to qualify for future Healthy Choice discounts. Here is what to do if the letter you receive says:









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Important Deadlines for Healthy Choice Program

Feb. 10, 2013
• Final day to join first Shape Up & Go! challenge; participation in the first 2 challenges is required for Healthy Choice

March 31, 2013
• Final day to join a Cleveland Clinic-sponsored fitness center, Curves or a Coordinated Care Program

June 2, 2013
• Final day to join second Shape Up & Go! challenge to meet the 2 challenge requirement for Healthy Choice

Sept. 30, 2013
• Deadline for meeting Healthy Choice requirements; health visit report and participation data must be submitted


Coordinated Care Programs (click here)

Shape Up & Go! can help you qualify for Healthy Choice (click here for more info)

2013 Healthy Choice Guidelines and Premiums Chart (click here)

Recap for 2012 Healthy Choice Participants (click here)


Questions About Healthy Choice?

Call EHP Total Care Customer Service at 216.448.0800 or toll free at 1.866.811.4352.




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