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Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan Total Care keeps EHP members informed about new initiatives or changes regarding their health plan benefits through the HealthWise Bulletin.

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October 2015 (Open Enrollment) Issue

August 2015 Issue

April 2015 Issue

October 2014 (Open Enrollment) Issue

June 2014 Issue

March 2014 Issue

October 2013 (Open Enrollment) Issue

August 2013 Issue

March 2013 Issue

October 2012 (Open Enrollment) Issue

September 2012 Issue

June 2012 Issue

February 2012 Issue

October 2011 (Open Enrollment) Issue

August 2011 Issue

(Correction: Medina Hospital should be listed as a Tier 1 hospital on page 1)

May 2011 Issue

December 2010 Issue (revised version)

October 2010 (Open Enrollment) Issue

July 2010 Issue



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