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Caring for Caregivers (Staff and Employee Assistance Programs)

Throughout our lives, we may experience events or situations that can be extremely challenging.  When we need solutions, information or guidance for issues such as marital problems, child care, elder care, and personal finance matters, and even addiction and recovery, the Cleveland Clinic Caring for Caregivers Program, offers expert, confidential and free support.  For information call 216-445-6970 or toll free 1-800-989-8820 or through the intranet

There is No Cost for services offered by our programs. Services are CONFIDENTIAL. All records are kept separate from medical and employment records. However, if a referral is made for services outside the program, the caregiver will be responsible for any charges not covered by the health insurance plan.

The Physician Health Program (PHP) offers physicians and other professional staff a spectrum of services aimed at supporting wellness, prevention, and personal/professional development. Services extend to evaluation and treatment of impairment and other conditions. Benefits include: 

  • Referrals for evaluation
  • Coaching
  • Confidential consultation and screening
  • Counseling, treatment
  • On-going monitoring and peer support
  • Prevention education regarding personal and professional issues


The Licensed Professionals Health Program (LPHP) is a restorative service created to help licensed health professionals overcome impairment: substance abuse, chemical dependency, or other mental or physical illnesses. Many health care professionals are at an increased risk for impairment due to professional responsibilities compounded by the distinguishing features of practice. These factors can increase the chances that a health care professional will be impacted by one of these issues.  If left unresolved, many professionals may find themselves in a position where not only their personal lives are affected, but their professional career is at risk.

The program provides: 

  • Consultation/guidance to those concerned about a licensed health professional’s functioning and practice
  • Assist professionals is obtaining appropriate evaluation and treatment
  • On-going monitoring of the professional's progress in recovery
  • Facilitation and coordination of return-to–work and re-entry to practice  
  • Support and advocacy for licensed health professionals, and leadership
  • Educational programs


There is No Cost for LPHP services. Services are CONFIDENTIAL. All records are kept separate from medical and employment records.  Health care professionals holding a license are eligible for LPHP services. For more information call the LPHP at 216-444-7023 or through the intranet


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contributes to a healthier and productive work environment by offering services that help individuals reach their highest potential, both at work and at home. The EAP can help not only in a crisis, but also in management of everyday personal issues. The EAP offers private and confidential assessment, short term counseling, and follow-up services to employees and their immediate family members (residing in their household). Common problems include:

    • Family Issues
    • Stress/Emotional Problems
    • Work Problems
    • Alcohol and drug use
    • Marital and family problems
    • Grief/Bereavement
    • Legal matters
    • Financial pressures and…. many more

All caregivers and immediate family members residing in their household, including domestic partners are eligible to use the program.  Appointments are provided at several convenient locations with evening and Saturday availability.

Wellbeing Resource and Referral Service provides you and your family with free, confidential, 24/7 access to comprehensive online resources, articles, interactive tools, self-assessments, self-search databases for dependent care and Legal Assist program resources. After you log on, you also can call the toll-free numbers for live, personal assistance from a Family Dependent Care specialist (1.800.445.1641) or a Legal Assist Specialist (1.866.707.5385). To visit the web site logon to Cleveland clinic intranet   or from home at . The username is “clevelandclinic” and the password is “caregiver”.



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