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Physical Activity Guidelines


Application upon joining to be completed at the fitness center. The fitness center will mail to the EHP Wellness Department. You must provide your EHP ID number and employee ID number. Dependents must provide their EHP ID number and the employee ID number.

NOTE: You will be required to provide weight and measurements (upon joining and renewal each year) which will be reported to the EHP.


Physical Activity Program

• The monthly activity requirement for the Physical Activity Program at Curves is 10 times per month. If you work out less than 10 times a month for three consecutive months, EHP will stop paying for your Curves membership, and you will become responsible for payment.

Cleveland Clinic sponsored fitness centers have different payment rules, so the participation requirements do not apply. But keep in mind that the Healthy Choice Program requires 10 visits per month for six months (before October 1 each year) at Cleveland Clinic-owned fitness centers in order to qualify for the premium discount (if you are using fitness centers to qualify).



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