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Activating Your Pebble

After you receive your Pebble you will need to link it to your Shape Up and Go account. 

  1. After you log onto your account click on the profile icon in the upper right of the page. 
  2. Go to the settings page and scroll down to the External Services and Devices section. 
  3. Click on "Link Account"  (if you are linking a Pebble replacement you will first need to click on "Remove Link" to clear lost or damaged Pebble serial number).
  4. Enter the serial number located on the back of your Pebble and click "Link".  You should see "Receiving data" next to the Fitlinxx logo.


After you do this and are ready to start using the Pebble, simply clip it to your shoe, waistband/belt, or bra and “test” it by going for a walk near a sync point. After you accumulate a few minutes of data, walk within range of the sync point and your data will automatically upload.

For additional details on how to upload activity and confirm it is being recorded accurately, click here.  

For information and instructions for the Pebble+ (shipped January 1, 2015 or later) click here.  




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