Health Maintenance Videos
Health maintenance procedures are designed to catch problems, such as cancer or diabetes, in their earliest stages, as well as to prevent certain illnesses from ever occurring. These videos will discuss health maintenance procedures that are recommended for you now, or some time in the future. Be certain to ask your doctor which of the following procedures may be right for you.

Adult Immunizations
If you were immunized as a child, do you need to be immunized again? Find out in this health maintenance video. Start Here

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Bone Density Testing
Because symptoms of osteoporosis may not develop until bone loss is extensive, it is important for those at risk for the disease to undergo periodic bone testing. Start Here

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While your genes partly determine how much cholesterol your body makes, a number of other factors can affect your cholesterol levelsóboth positively and negatively. Start Here

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Colon Cancer
Cancer of the colon and rectum is the second most common cause of cancer death in the US. However, with early detection and prompt treatment, colorectal cancer can be cured. Start Here

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Glucose Testing
The best way to prevent or delay diabetes-related health problems is to monitor your blood glucose and take good care of yourself. Start Here

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Mammography is your best defense against breast cancer; research has clearly shown that it can increase breast cancer survival. Start Here

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Pap Testing
Because the Pap test protects against cervical cancer and other disorders, all women over age 18 and those who are or have been sexually active should have the test annually. Start Here

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Written and reviewed by Kenneth Goodman, MD.

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