What is RSS?
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are an easy and efficient way to receive notification when new information is available in a specific area of interest.

How Can I Benefit From RSS?
RSS feeds save time, allowing users to receive notification only when new content is available. Web site visitors choose the information they wish to subscribe to and can unsubscribe from any feed at any point.

How Do I Subscribe to Your RSS Feeds?
Firstly you will need an RSS feed reader (also called a news aggregator); there are a number of RSS readers available. A short list is available at http://www.rss-specifications.com/rss-software.htm

RSS readers are simple programs that display the contents of an RSS feed in an easy to read format.

Once you have an RSS reader, you simply click an icon below and a new web page will appear. Then you could copy the address of the new web page and paste it into your RSS reader. Repeat the steps to subscribe to another feed.

If you don't want to install any software, you can also access our RSS feed through free Web-based RSS readers including Google Reader, My Yahoo and MSN.

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What Information is Available in Your RSS Feeds?

  • We provide health information in the "Health Information Articles" feed. The feed is updated twice a week and the topic is changed monthly.

    In June, the Focus is on Headache Awareness. If standard pain relief isnít helping, see your doctor to get control over your headaches and your life. To learn more about headaches and additional health topics, subscribe to our RSS feed.

    If you want to know more about our RSS service before subscription, you can click the link "Read it Here" above. It looks similar as what you will get in your RSS reader.

  • We provide Cleveland Clinic online health chat transcripts in the "Web Chat Transcripts" feed.

    Cleveland Clinic Online Health Chat is a service that gives participants an opportunity to chat with our physicians on line and ask their health questions. This feed will send the chat transcripts to those who don't have time to participate the chat events.

    The feed is updated twice a week and focuses on one of these aspects of a particular chat: Causes, Evaluation & Diagnosis, Diet & Exercise, Treatment, Therapy, Research & Web Sites.

    The current transcript is from the chat with Dr. Lokesh Ningegowda in February 5, 2008, and the topic is "Back Pain".
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