Nut Allergy

Allergic reaction to nuts can progress rapidly to anaphylaxis. Peanut allergy is responsible for more fatalities than any other type of allergy.

If you suffer from a nut allergy, strictly avoiding nuts, including peanuts and tree nuts like cashews and walnuts, and food containing nuts is the only way to prevent a reaction. But, it is not always easy to avoid these foods since many unsuspecting products contain nuts.

Always check the label ingredients before you use a product. In addition, check the label each time you use the product. Manufacturers occasionally change recipes, and a trigger food may be added to the new recipe. Also, keep in mind that many prepared foods, including baked goods, candy, and ethnic foods, can be contaminated with peanuts if products containing peanuts are prepared in the same place or by the same manufacturer. Always be prepared for this possibility and the risk of a reaction.

Examples of peanut and tree-nut products and foods that may contain them, include:

Peanut Products

Peanut-Containing Ingredients

Tree Nuts

Tree Nut-Containing Ingredients

Nut-Containing Foods

Cold-pressed or expressed peanut oil

Peanut butter

Peanut flour

Beer nuts

Ground nuts

Mixed nuts

Nu-nuts® flavored nuts

Peanut containing foods



Chocolate (candies, candy bars)

Egg rolls

Hydrolyzed plant protein

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein




Brazil nuts





Hickory nuts

Macadamia nuts


Pine nuts (pinyon nuts)



Marzipan / almond paste


Artificial nuts

Nut butters (such as cashew butter and almond butter)

Nut oil

Nut paste (such as almond paste)

Nut extracts (such as almond extract)

Ground nuts

Mixed nuts

Chex mix

Artificial nuts


African, Chinese, Thai, and other ethnic dishes

Cookies, candy, pastries, and other baked goods

Grain breads

Ice cream, frozen desserts

High-energy bars

Cereals and granola

Salad dressing


If you are sensitive to filberts or hazelnuts, avoid natural extracts such as pure almond extract and natural wintergreen extract. Use imitation or artificial flavored extracts.

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