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Emergency Department

Telephone: 216-445-4500

The Emergency Department provides care for a diverse patient population with multiple diagnoses.

The Emergency Department is a 20-bed unit, each with hard-wire monitoring. This unit accommodates patients with a wide range of acuity as well as disease states such as cardiovascular and neuro-vascular emergencies, acute respiratory events, domestic violence, etc.

Multidisciplinary approaches in the designing of plans of care which specifically address and meet the needs of patients with a multitudes of disease processes are a large part of our practice. Triage and admission assessments are done to determine not only the required intensity of service, but also a
coordinated care tract for a specific diagnosis, such as acute CVA.
The medical management of the ED is provided by Board Certified Emergency Room Physicians, Registered Nurses who are ACLS certified and a Residency program. Consult services are readily available and Social Services are utilized for a variety of reasons (psychiatric issues, chemical dependency, domestic violence, etc.). Ancillary services include 24 hour Respiratory Therapy coverage Paramedics, and Clinical Technicians. Additionally, the ED consults various departments to participate in the care of the patient on a variety of levels; they include but are not limited to: Pharmacy, Dietary,
Radiology, Patient Transport Services, Bio-Medical Engineering. All services work collaboratively to insure that all needs of our patients are identified and met in a timely fashion.

Regulatory Agencies:


Hours of Operation

The Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Our staffing is fixed and varies only depending on the time of day and acuity levels.



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