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Our Mission...

     to provide care of the ill or injured patient in a competent and caring manner, to conduct research into emergency conditions in order to improve our care of patients, and to train physicians, nurses, and other health professionals in emergency care.



Message from the Chairman:

     The Department of Emergency Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation is a full service emergency department with particular expertise in a variety of acute medical conditions. The department sees about 58,000 adult and pediatric patients per year and is staffed by specialists in emergency medicine. In addition to the main emergency department, we run an urgent care area with emergency physicians and pediatricians. The urgent care area is open from 10 am to 11 pm each day.

     The Department is a leader in the use of an ED based observation unit for the evaluation and treatment of patients with conditions that require more extended testing or treatment than can be done in the emergency department. We have pioneered the use of the observation unit for the management of heart failure. In addition, many patients presenting with chest pain are successfully evaluated in our department. The unit has shown to be an effective means of treating patients with asthma, cellulites and pneumonia, along with other conditions.

     We have a burgeoning research program that includes studies in acute asthma, decompensated heart failure, pediatric and geriatric emergencies, and acute coronary syndromes. This is run by our Director of Research, Frank Peacock, MD along with a staff of research nurses, technicians, and registrars.

      The department offers a means of expediting the treatment for patients referred by the institutionís Nurse on Call system or by a CCF physician. This program allows for expedited service for those patients who have been through that process.  Anyone can use this service.  Those patients who have a Cleveland Clinic Foundation physician should contact their physician.  Patients who do not have a Cleveland Clinic Foundation physician can access this service through the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Nurse on Call System at 216-444-1234.

           If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact the Department administrative offices at (216)445-4550.


Message from the Clinical Nursing Director:

     The nursing staff of Emergency Services at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation strives to achieve excellence in clinical care and customer service. Serving a diverse patient population, it is our goal to support the patient diagnostics and clinical interventions in every way possible and to do so in a manner that is efficient, caring, and informative. Our practice is based on the team model of care consisting of RNís, paramedics, respiratory therapists, clinical techs, patient care service associates, and unit secretaries. We collaborate closely with the Emergency Medicine attending staff and residents. The team approach ensures that patient/family needs are managed in a consistent manner. Via yearly competency training the nursing staff maintains proficiency in emergency and critical care skills necessary to managing our patient acuity.

     The nursing leadership team places a high value on attaining specialty certification in emergency nursing and membership in our professional organization, the Emergency Nurseís Association. Educational endeavors for nursing staff are facilitated by an Advanced Practice nursing role and an educational instructor devoted to Emergency Services. Ongoing classes in advanced triaging are an example of a highly specialized offering. The RN triage system is integral to facilitation of patient flow throughout the various levels of care in the Department. A protocol driven, 5 level triage system guides the RN to order appropriate tests and to assign the patient to the appropriate level of care prior to the physician evaluation, thus expediting care.

     Joint rounding on the unit by the Chairman and Clinical Nursing Director as well as quarterly town hall meetings serve to enforce the importance of collaboration and the interdisciplinary team approach. Daily rounding by the Nurse Manager and Assistant Nurse Managers on patients, families, and staff are focused on enhancing the Emergency Department experience particularly from the patientís perspective. Recruitment and retention of staff is a high priority; to inquire about available opportunities or to comment please call the Clinical Nursing Directorís Office: 216-444-9262. 


Contact Information

 To contact the Cleveland Clinic Emergency Department use the telephone numbers below or click the contact us tab on this page.

          800-CCF-CARE (223-2273) ext. 54500
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9500 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH (e-Building)
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