Carotid Stenting for Surgeons

Preceptorship Director
Kenneth Ouriel, M.D.

About the Department

Program Description/Curriculum
The Center for Advanced Skills Training offers a one to four day training program in carotid stenting. This is a one on one preceptorship with hands-on patient study.

The objectives of the program include:
The goal of this program is to provide a focused and concentrated training experience under the direction of a highly qualified vascular surgeon and to advance the practice of carotid stenting within the community of vascular surgeons.

Requirements for participation
To be accepted into the program, participants must be a board ceritified vascular surgeon who has attended a national conference on carotid stenting. He or she must have understanding of the carotid disease process and must have had endovascular experience in other arterial beds. The participant must bring at least two patients per day up to a maximum of four patients per day. They must either be licensed in the state of Ohio or eligible to obtain a Special Activities Permit from the Ohio State Medical Board. The applicants must also have practicing privileges in their home institutions.

The registration for the program is $1000.00 per day.

Please review the Participation Agreement (pdf) for other related details.

Application and Instructions (pdf)