Mini-Fellowship in Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

Preceptorship Director
Philip R. Schauer, M.D. and Bipan Chand, M.D.

About the Department

Program Description/Curriculum
Minimally invasive or laparoscopic bariatric surgery is a rapidly evolving, advanced discipline that has experienced significant growth and demands since the first laparoscopic bariatric operations were first introduced in 1993. Currently, few if any training opportunities exist which bridge the gap between introductory training courses and actual clinical practice. This mini-fellowship is intended to bridge the gap and provide General Surgeons with training to achieve baseline competency (and not necessarily proficiency) in laparoscopic bariatric surgery in order to begin safe clinical and operative practice. The Center for Advanced Skills Training offers a two week, a four week, and an eight week hands-on mini-fellowship program to train physicians in laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

The objectives of the program include:
The goal of this mini-fellowship is to provide a focused and concentrated training experience under the direction of highly experienced bariatric surgeons for qualified general surgeons who wish to begin a clinical program in minally invasive bariatric surgery.

Upon completion, the trainee should be able to perform laparoscopic bariatric operations safely and have a basic understanding of preoperative and postoperative management concepts.

Requirements for participation
To be accepted into the program, must be Board Certified (or Board eligible) in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery and should have completed an ACGME approved residency in General Surgery. Experience in advanced laparoscopy including but not limited to laparoscopic fundoplication, colectomy, splenectomy, and hernia repair is required. Experience in laparoscopic suturing techniques and flexible endoscopy is highly recommended. Prior experience in open bariatric surgery is desirable but not required. Prior completion of a laparoscopic fellowship is desirable but not required. Participants must either be licensed in the state of Ohio or eligible to obtain a Special Activities Permit from the Ohio State Medical Board. The applicants must also have practicing privileges in their home institutions.

The registration for the two-week program is $5000, $10,000 for the four-week program, and $30,000 for the eight-week program.

Please review the Participation Agreement included in the application package for other related details.