In 1989, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and John Hay High School entered into a partnership aimed at ensuring students have equal access to higher education and/or careers. Today the Partnership offers a menu of opportunities for the two institutions to team up. Together we offer a medical/biological thematic school curriculum within a comprehensive high school setting and other educational programs and experiences to the entire student body, faculty and staff of John Hay High School. Our unique programs blend in-depth study of and exposure to the health sciences with opportunities for learning and exposure to various careers in health care. The programs are unique, challenging, exciting, motivating, and rewarding. They emphasize health sciences, health education, health career awareness, and health wellness. They are designed to improve the academic preparation and performance of the students in the thematic programs as well as those in the comprehensive studies program. The goal is to ultimately increase the number of graduates and the studentís access and entry into post-secondary education and health/medical careers.

In 1999, additional curriculum programs were added that allow the Partnership to impact many more students at John Hay. New programs include the Medical Office Assistant program )MOA), the Biomedical Engineering Program (BME), and expanded School To Work Programs in the Business Co-op, the OWA/OWE , and the Special Education curriculums.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation/John Hay High School Partnership also focuses on enhancing the education of the student population throughout the academic year by sponsoring speakers & guest lecturers, classroom demonstrations, field trips, on-site observations, shadowing opportunities, mentoring relationships for students & employees, preceptorships (for 11th graders), advisorships (for 12th graders), tutoring sessions, teacher classroom grants, health education & promotion programs and the sharing of resources for expanded classroom learning, as well as limited independent study opportunities for selected honors students, teacher site visitations, and teacher classroom grants. Algebra I is taught in a computerized lab designed to allow each student in the class to progress through the course and complete the lessons at his or her own pace. Student scores on the required state math proficiency exam along with the number of students passing the exam have significantly increased following the installation and use of this student-friendly lab. There are also opportunities for full-time summer and part-time school year student employment or placement. It is hoped that the ongoing exposure to a professional work environment coupled with the support and encouragement of Cleveland Clinic Foundation staff and employees will help sustain high quality standards of academic excellence and personal responsibility throughout high school and the studentís chosen post-secondary education and career choices.

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