Cleveland Clinic Office of Civic Education Initiatives

Real World Connect™

Earl's Virtual Garage™ at Cleveland Clinic is an educational resource which provides interactive, hands-on, and minds-on learning opportunities for children of all ages. Through educational games and self-directed activities, this online garage will enable visitors to explore the countless connections between electricity and medicine, promoting science literacy, math literacy, health and wellness, innovation, and creativity in the process.

The Heart-Brain Connection™, the cornerstone of the online garage, is the first in a series of programs to be launched on the site. This interactive component features educational modules exploring the connection between the heart and brain.

Earl's Virtual Garage™, a collaboration between the Office of Civic Education Initiatives and the Bakken Heart-Brain Institute at Cleveland Clinic, takes its name from Earl Bakken, the Medtronic co-founder who invented the world's first wearable, external, battery-powered transistorized pacemaker – from his garage.

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