Marissa Rose
Fathers' Choice for Feeding Their Infant

SchoolTrinity High School


MentorDorothy Van Poppel Ray, MSEd, MSN, RNC

DepartmentMarymount Hospital Family Birthing Center

Fathers' Choice for Feeding Their Infant
Education, experience, lifestyle, culture, childbirth education, religion, nutritional awareness and self-esteem will influence a father’s choice for how to feed his infant.
A questionnaire was selected for fathers to complete, on a voluntary basis, post-delivery but prior to discharge from the hospital. Sixty fathers participated. The accuracy and relevancy of each question was based upon the knowledge of experts in the field of Maternal Newborn Nursing. Additionally, a self-esteem scale was distributed to help identify possible links between psychological factors and infant feeding choice.
More fathers chose breastfeeding over other methods. More mothers chose breastfeeding over other methods as determined by fathers. Mothers influenced the fathers' choices, but doctors, nurses and lactation consultants, and finances, did not. In this study, fathers had a moderate level of self esteem. More studies with larger sample sizes are needed to identify fathers' preferences related to their role as parents. More scientific analysis, for example the dependent t test, would be helpful.


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